2016 Hot List


Going through our Pink Archives, we cannot believe it has been 5 years since we have produced a Hot List. Indeed, it has been years since we have actually said or commented on anything. In that short space of time much has changed, with many of the people who were on our list no longer being with us (owing to migration)!  Furthermore with the gym and 5K Road running becoming a serious community pastime, freshly minted Hotties are being produced each summer. Also not to be left out are the Coming of Agers, those H&M wearing eighteen (18) to twenty-somethings(20+), who have been breast fed on the internet and over exposed by social media.

Motley Crew Luau Menu.jpg

Now as in previous years, we are not going to intellectualize this process by coming up with objective qualifiers. That would reduce what is truly a fun activity into an academic exercise and in any event will still only expose rather than limit biases. Interestingly, our list contains people who are in various stages of their lives both professionally and otherwise. For example, our top slot and fourth ranked person are in their late 40’s to early 50’s, while admittedly the entire list is skewed towards Millenials (those born after 1980).

The List

  1. Kim-Kay

Fine he did not gain notoriety by having a sex tape leaked, (that would be the old fashioned way). Rather his fame is built on good solid foundations, the proper way- by cartooning and lampooning different representations of personalities found in Jamaica. Yet on the scene he is known for his love of shorts, which not even Zika can get him out of

9.Professor Snape:

This is a fellow that claims Bustamante as his God-father and was seemingly baptized at Belmont Road. Continuous exercise is his religion, Gym his church and road running his Eucharist! However, don’t let his loquaciousness on Facebook fool you though because he is a distinctly quiet soul with a big heart.  If you are ever in need of a love potion, check him out, he knows his way around a lab!

  1. Thor

Why it is that, it is always the truly beautiful ones that are always complaining about their looks? Here is a fellow whose youthful, boy next door looks have matured into masculine, cosmopolitan, sophistication! Heck even the bald spot is sexy and he even won the lottery with those eyes. Plus, if the rumours are true- Let’s just say now you know the reason behind the nickname Thor!!

  1. Madea

Now this fellow burst on to the scene as a shirtless boy toy bartender in the VIP section of a Cockiness party! Since that time his chest has grown SIGNIFICANTLY and the nipples even perkier! If you are wondering why the name Madea, just go to one of his plays then watch a Tyler Perry tape and see if you don’t see the stylistic similarities!

  1. Anderson Cooper

Come on if you are smart you have already figured it out. The only thing we will say is Ditch the glasses, Ginger Toes!!


Surviving my hardest Break-up!!,


Over the past couple weeks my whole world has been thrown into a tailspin, with critical bouts of depression, followed by a loss of appetite and then out of nowhere happiness and a feeling that one can take on the world. Of course that last feeling is then quickly followed by an even stronger bout of depression! If you have ever been in love, it is easy to diagnose those as the tell-tale signs of going through a break-up with someone that you actually are still madly in love with.

The truth is over my 32 years of existence, I have gone through this phase my fair share of time. In fact, in periods that I feel I have gained too much weight I actually welcome it as a sort of market correction (for those who fancy themselves as some form of economist).However, one thing I have always taken from it is that It too shall pass, I shall survive and the blasted earth will continue its nauseating rotation on its axis. Worse no matter how much, I hated the partner that I had just broken up with, within three months’ time we were going to be back in some uncompromising position. Side bar- my first official partner, we didn’t stop being in “uncompromising positions” until Canada beckoned nearly 8 years later. The irony there of course being that when we were officially together we (I) never did it, because we (I) feared what that would mean!

Yet in spite of now decades of practice in breakupology, nothing has prepared me for this one. In part my unpreparedness for this event comes down to the fact that the relationship was so long, 15 years. Yup for the mathematicians -from I was 17 years old and represents nearly half my natural existence on this planet. Another, is that the reasons for the break-up while important aren’t particularly deep nor insurmountable but the egos are such that they would humble a Medieval King. Nonetheless, the biggest reason is that the other party involved isn’t a partner in the romantic sort of way or a sexual interest but one who I have regarded as a friend, a confidant and a brother.

The Concept of Friendship

One of the most under-rated things in the LGBT community is the little concept of friendship. You see in a hetero-sexual construct friendships never really cross the line of becoming familial. For many though in marginalized communities such as ours, the friends one make become your family. They share your joy, your tears and even your death and marriages. This is because alas, even where families are seemingly open and accepting, there are limits to the trust that we can store with them.

For gay men and women, the people that we party with, drink with and lyme with are not just friends in a casual sort of way! Often time, they know us better than even our blood relations. Worse the intensity of those friendships become almost defining. Take the Council, a group of friends that have seen many winters and summers together but the most interesting thing about them is that the collective or group is in many ways far more interesting than the individuals themselves. Indeed that seeming bond among them, is what many of us wish we had in our own lives. Closer to my age group there is the group formerly known as the Circle and the Sweepstakes (though they have more fractions than a pie chart). Yet even those friendships that have avoided slapping brands on themselves or having same imposed on it, sound more like the Duke Street law firm of X, Y and Z LLP.

The problem with bredrin break-ups

The single biggest challenge with a bredrin break up is that- there is no rebound friend or relationship to cushion the fall whilst you make yourself available for the next friendship. The harsh reality is that, the friendships type of love is built on cold hard commitment and trust, the boring stuff that shatters the romantic version. Furthermore, there is no honeymoon or butterfly period or even the elixir of sex to momentarily suspend the senses from the hard work that is before you. Hence the truth is when you have a true friendship it makes more sense to fight to fix the problems than it is to walk away from it.

This brings me back to now! Ultimately what I was not prepared for and what I will have to deal with is the gut wrenching loneliness and loss from not being able to see or speak to your brother. The heartache from seeing them partying with everyone but you. However, most importantly the certain knowledge that their stories are no longer yours to store and keep in confidence. That is what damages your sense of self and self-worth the most


Loads to be Cocky About but not Kraven Moore


10981660_440498432771308_8463567658358032025_nIt’s been awhile since we have commented on the party scene or anything for that matter. This has occurred partly because the team at Pink has shrunk and dispersed globally (America and Canada), but mostly because there really hasn’t been a scene of sorts. Indeed the few parties there have been seemingly compete with Nyquil as a sleep agent. As such, we empathize with the JFLAG and UPT elites for snobbing the gay party scene preferring instead to patronize the burgeoning Soca and EDM fetes. Actually, that is an interesting piece of analysis- gay activists that snob gay events but wish to organize PRIDE. However, we have digressed from the topic at hand!

In assessing Cockiness, one has to understand that, that event is a very gritty urban party. In fact walking with a ratchet could very well seem like both a security precaution and an advertisement of sexual role. Notably, that last statement highlights why the organizers of Cockiness have loads to be proud about. In reviewing the PINK archives, we noticed that between 2010 and 2012 many of the party reviews were cautioning event organizers from selling drinks in bottles. The fear then being that; they may become missiles or other articles of warfare in the never ending internecine feuds that would erupt in party spaces. The 2015 Cockiness, highlights that social interactions may be changing towards more civility to the point where the fear of fights may be overstated.

Another area of praise for this team was the bar and the bar service. Again in reviewing the archives, we recall that in 2013 we wrote: that If one was at Cockiness and stayed until the end, then it is quite possible that you actually ended up enjoying yourself. This schizophrenic enjoyment, we suppose, can only be compared to the type of happiness felt by victims of robberies when they realize that they are still alive. For that article, the main area of concern was the shoddiness of the bar area and service then. For the 2015 edition, the organizers did away with the VIP foolishness, and had one general area that was purposely staffed and efficiently managed. We are sure that; there will be nit pickers that will identify areas of discomfort, however, the advice we give to the organizers is: Listen to them only to refine your product and not to make wholesale changes.

The Downside

In observing LGBT societies but especially gay male individuals and spaces, there are some inherent contradictions that one comes across immediately. One of the most important is the role and correct place of sex in our lives and conversations. On the one hand, most gay men when interviewed will readily state that they want to be relieved of  societal generalizations that carricature them as horned dogs but rather as people with interests beyond the next sexual encounter. Yet without fail LGBT spaces invariably have to succumb to the baser instincts and provide “Performances” to satisfy the pallet. The performers themselves must satisfy some underlying demand driven requirements regarding Age, weight , size and looks.

The organizers of Cockiness can easily defend themselves by arguing that they are not sociologists and are business people and merely giving the people what they want. However, were potential patrons demanding Krave Moore worse when there was no infrastructure to support the performance? Truthfully, the performance was little more than imported debauchery that would have been rubbished even in Gommarah. It would have made more economic sense to pick out a random vagrant with a 9.5 incher in need of a good bath, food and some cash in his pocket. At least one could veil their disgust with the poor performance with the certain knowledge that some social good was actually achieved in the end.

The less that is said about the music selection is probably the better. It was good in parts, basic in others and grandmotherly in good chunks. The organizers were saved by the fact that people genuinely came there in good spirits and to have a good vibe. Maybe they have Obama to thank for that.

Pink Commentary:

One of the challenges of people assessment in this Migratory period of time is that so many of the colourful people have left. The result is that instead of a rainbow landscape, we have been left with a dull boring grey. Moreover, for a segment of society that prides itself on being fashion forward, there seems to be more sameness than diversity on parade. In any event, these days the 80s and early 90s seem to be in vogue!

What we are glad about is that while the era of the gym will never be over, we are happy that the days of anorexia are gone with. It is good to see the general widening of the hips and the rounding of backsides. The logic of looking like one is in the midst of a Food Crisis has never really been understood by this author. Gladly those days seem to be receding like some people’s hairlines.



Bar Vibes Music Location Average
9.0 9.8 6 8.5 8.325

Top 3 Parties of 2013


2013 was not exactly an exciting year for LGBT events in Jamaica. First there was the general economic climate that constrained people’s spending power and thus forced persons to pick and choose the events that they attended. The economy also seemingly affected the supply of party options itself, as when we began writing there were several Party Planning groups; notably several of these brands did not survive into 2013. Secondly, the homophobic operating environment constrained the range of venues that were available for planners. In this regard things seem to be getting progressively worse for the lgbt community as in the past, clubs such as Entourage operated on Main Street and not in ridiculously hard to access communities.

Notwithstanding the challenges, the party went on. Consequently, we at Pink tip our hats to all the LGBT Party Promoters as theirs is the story of resilience. What is interesting about this group of individuals (the LGBT party promoter) is that if one were to do a poll they would not rank themselves as Activists but rather entrepreneurs or providers of an entertainment space. However, their work operates at the intersection of Law, policy, economics and finance. Moreover, simply planning a party comes with considerable reputational risks and places a burden of responsibility on the promoter to ensure the protection of life and property for the attendee. In short theirs is a world of action at the literal front lines of tackling the issues of institutionalized homophobia in Jamaica.

The Ranking

3. Midori:-           It is easy for one to be seduced by the high quality VIP section at Midori. In fact it was as if the planners of this event invented the concept of VIP. The event benefitted from a great location, great party favours, decent music and fair sized crowd. For more on Midori see our comments under https://pinkreportjamaica.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/midori-not-on-cloud-9-but-almost-there/

Rating 8.5

2. Miami Vice:- The specific Miami Vice we are speaking about is the one in May. This event suffered from a poorly designed VIP section. However, the VIP area counted for less than 10% of the persons in attendance and in any event, what the party lacked in VIP favours it made up in good vibes and a wonderful eclectic mix of personalities. The location was far, a bit of an exercise but once there excellent.

As a side note, the organizers of Miami Vice more than any other group have suffered from the challenges with identifying a location. The truth be told neither Miami Vice nor Midori are suited for the Warehouse and as such they have to be engaged in a longer search to identify an appropriate venue. This has resulted in some misses for the other two Miami Vices that have occurred for the year. However, we at Pink believe in Miami Vice’s basic formula and are off the opinion that once the location issues are resolved there will be a resurgence. As such we wish them well for 2014.

Rating 8.8

1.Cockiness the Balloon Edition:- This was an almost perfect party. We say almost not because we can identify specific faults but because we are sure they must exist. One of the things we liked about Cockiness was the absence of the VIP section and the embracing of their brand identity which is young, gritty and hip. A special point on the absence of the VIP area is that such a section at the Warehouse would be akin to those at a Strip Club. A wonderful place for drug lords, scammers and other such professionals to negotiate the finer points of their business contracts. However, as things stood it was a wonderful place for persons to dance uninhibited and simply have a good time.

Rating 9.5

Midori: Not on Cloud 9 but almost there


ImageThe general consensus going into Midori was that the timing was simply bad. This event had to compete for attention with Dream Weekend and SPF at a point in time where persons simply wanted to be out of Kingston. Throw into the mix the fact that the venue, though widely known, is pretty new for this type of spectacle! Normally, these environmental factors would have meant that the Bible of Excuses was already dusted off and the relevant passages peculiar to the circumstance identified. However, this time the virgins of Cloud 9 decided to behave like well-seasoned pornstars and deliver a party that has significantly raised the bar for local LGBT entertainment.

The VIP Area and Bar

To be frank Midori delivered on what Miami Vice didn’t have the budget but never the less seemingly promised to do. For starters it had a well defined, appointed and secured VIP area. Secondly, VIP band holders did not have to compete with regular ticket holders for anything. However, most importantly VIP did feel like VIP and not some watered down version. In fact this was the party that it would have been an insult to use the term Drinks Inclusive to describe the pricier band.

To their credit, the promoters smartly provided Mojito specials. Now the beauty of a Mojito is that whilst it is an exotic drink, it really is Lemonade with a splash of Rum and mint tea leaves. Consequently, it can stretch thus avoiding the annoyance of hearing guests complaining about the lack of liquor, its perfect for the summer time, it’s a fiscally prudent drink to make as the alcohol content should not be too high and in any event a good Mojito can be made using Rumbar if one wanted to forgo the more expensive Appleton and most importantly it appeals to status conscious VIPs.

If there was one weakness in the VIP area was that it had too many options for entrances. This scenario meant that guests were subjected to spot checks by the security on duty to establish they were bonafide band holders. A better mechanism would have been to place stanchions at the front thus restricting access to one point.

For regular ticket holders, the bar may as well have been in another parish. The Cloud 9 promoters for the future should not make the bar an exercise of strength, patience and endurance. Yet another interpretation could be that the bar was strategically placed to ensure that patrons would be thirsty again by the time they reached back to the dance floor.

The Party

The venue was probably too big for the crowd on hand and whilst DJ David is clearly regaining his form, there were times we felt like gagging him. However, music aside this party lacked the vibes that was clearly on display at Cockiness and even Miami Vice. That is not to say it wasn’t a good party for dancing, which it was, it just clearly a solidly UPT party.

Midori Fashion Hits:

  • 3D- This guy is definitely known for taking fashion risks, which ultimately sometimes means there are more miss than hit. Whilst his leggings and muscle tunic top may have been a bit too dressed down for the event it oozed an adrongenous sex appeal that we liked.
  • Candy- What can we say girl loves her clothes and knows how to accessorise. Yet we hope a party could occur where she is not high

Midori Fashion Miss:

  • Everyone in T-shirt and jeans. Recession aside a premium party deserves premium threads.
  • Everyone in shorts with horrible legs. A special jab is at those with especially skinny legs. The fact is we are inundated with news of poverty and hunger, we do not need to go to a party to be reminded of it

Pinkometer Rating


In support of Javed Jaghai and Maurice Tomlinson


Maurice Tomlinson at recent Human Rights Stand at Emancipation Park

There exists two schools of thought as to how the Human Rights movement should proceed with its activism around LGBTI issues in Jamaica. One school argues for a slow moving ground campaign built on public education and the promotion of tolerance and acceptance. The other seeks to define LGBTI rights within the framework of constitutionality and the development of jurisprudence. The real distinction between the two is that the former sees Parliament and the Parliamentary process as the route for establishing change whilst the latter advocates the use of the Court as the agent of same.

Followers of the Constitutionality framework essentially argue that LGBTI Rights do not exist as a separate or distinct subject from the rights and freedoms enjoyed by all Jamaicans. Consequently the struggle for LGBTI Rights is merely an extension of the historical struggle for equal rights and protection under the Constitution. Not surprisingly, many in the wider society see this position as being unnecessarily adversarial and confrontational.

We here at Pink do not believe that the arguments are mutually exclusive and indeed they seem somewhat complementary. In fact from the point of view of strategy, there is seemingly merit in approaching the issues from the two avenues. However, there is certain sexiness in being forthright and upright. Moreover, there is a distinct charm in publicly advocating a line, which simply states I am human and I want to be treated no less and no more than my fellow human beings. This is the reason we have taken this step to come out of the closet, in full support of the work of Maurice Tomlinson and Javed Jaghai in seeking a constitutional review of the island’s Buggery Laws.


I stand with you!!!!! I support you!!!! Not only because i’m your sister but because you and every other gay/bi-sexual/lesbian/transgender person deserves to live and live freely! Free from hate. Free from the harsh criticism of others and free to love who u choose!! Jodian Jaghai

For too long, we as a community have been too silent in supporting and investing in the work of the Human Rights community. For those who define themselves as being middle class, we have simply preferred to prostrate ourselves before the general society, like well behaved house slaves thanking our masters that we are not field slaves. It will suit us well to remember that House Slaves are still slaves and those dirty, unkempt and forlorn Millsborough Boys are us, and more importantly, how society sees all of us. Let us not forget that when Clovis and the Jamaica Observer caricatures gays they make none of the distinctions that we invariably try to make. Ultimately we must recognize that it is no accident that Javed’s claim before the Constitutional Court is about housing and JFLAG itself is homeless.

As Javed and Maurice prepare to do battle on our behalves, ranged against them are the formidable armies of the Church and public opinion seekers. Rallies have been organized and the public has been fed a toxic cocktail of doomsday and hellish scenarios. To their credit, both gentlemen have responded with calm, grace but unflinching resolve. Yet it must be incredibly lonely and despairing to turn around and see your comrades fleeing like cockroaches when the light has been turned on.

Let us start today the necessary conversation and develop an action plan surrounding how we can tangibly support the work of Javed Jaghai and Maurice Tomlinson. Indeed, let us start the conversation today about how it is that we can take ownership of our own future and destiny. We like Javed ask the question if not now then when? We at Pink like his answer that: “We can sit patiently while our humanity is denied and wait for the paradigm to shift in a generation or two, or we can aggressively agitate for change now. I choose to do the latter.”