Room Mate wanted!


Room mate wanted to share spacious, unfurnished 2 bedroom 1 bathroom, 5th Floor Oaklands Apartment. Applicant should preferably be a 20-35 year old professional gay male.

Rent: 21k per month
Maintenance: included in rental figure
Contact: email with name, contact details and two references. Only serious enquiries!


Anthrax Attack Isolated?


Last weekend, news emerged out of the second city about the armed invasion and attack on community members at a night club. Information coming to the fore is that this attack represents the culmination of a long series of internal community arguments among owners and managers of LGBT entertainment spaces.

Reports suggest that the core issue is the decline of Club Kush (formerly known as Club Heaven) located at the St. Ann-Trelawny border and the concomitant growth of the Corporate Area and Montego Bay based Loft and Club Anthrax respectively. The recent Montego Bay attacks complement a spate of Police visitations to the Loft by members of the security forces attached to Corporate Area Divisions. The major difference, between the two sets of incidences, is that the Corporate Area police has refrained from attacking patrons and has merely requested proof from the club management of compliance with domestic regulations concerning the operation of places of entertainment. Upon receipt of said proof of compliance the Corporate Area police has consistently retreated without any incident.

In January a meeting was convened in Vineyard Town, ostensibly to iron out areas of disagreement particularly those related to:

  1. Timetabling of events
  2. Advertisement
  3. Security

Unconfirmed reports suggest that The Anthrax attack and Loft visitations represent a breakdown of the Vineyard Town Talks and other ongoing dialogue and a resumption of hostilities by the Management of Club Kush. As such it is being intimated that the management of Club Kush is utilizing rogue cops to protect their turf and manage their relations with other promoters. These rogue cops have in turn sought to leverage the power of homophobic sentiment to enlist the support of colleagues in the assault of members of the community.

We here at Pink take the opportunity to advise all party promoters to follow in the footsteps of the Management of the Loft and ensure compliance with all local laws and regulations governing public places of entertainment. These include engagement with relevant municipal fire safety and electricity inspectors regarding the safety of venues.

In response to the Club Anthrax attack, the Management of the Loft has published a press release published on their Facebook Page and also via Blackberry Messenger Broadcast facility indicating the ownership arrangements of their facility and the relevant steps they have taken to ensure patron security. Whilst the Loft in recent memory has struggled to ensure a smoking ban on patrons, Pink can confirm that the regular security arrangements at the door have been supplemented with armed security response from King Alarm.

Please click for the full text of The Loft Press Release

Clashes in T’dad Parliament over Gay Rights


SENATE Chief Whip Subhas Panday and Independent Senator Corrine Baptiste-McKnight on Wednesday clashed over calls for compensation paid to spouses/cohabitants, now also be paid to gay/homosexual couples.

SENATE Chief Whip Subhas Panday and Independent Senator Corrine Baptiste-McKnight on Wednesday clashed over calls for compensation paid to spouses/cohabitants, now also be paid to gay/homosexual couples. Panday said such a move violates a scriptural rebuke, while Baptiste-McKnight suggested such thinking was old-fashioned.The Trinidad and Tobago Senate on Wednesday debated the Statutory Authorities (Amendment) Bill 2011. This Bill proposes to let the spouse of a deceased employee of statutory bodies such as the country’s four municipal corporations — Port-of-Spain, San Fernando , Arima and Point Fortin — be paid one month salary, as done for civil servants.

Finance Minister Winston Dookeran, in piloting the Bill, got no opposition in extending this compensation from civi

Winston Dookeran- Finance Minister for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

l servants to statutory authority staff, and extending it from married couples to common-law couples. Common-law rights already exist in the Cohabitational Relationship Act, Administration of Estates Act and Status of Children Act, he assured. However the controversy began when Independent Senator Dr James Armstrong, a retired town planner, proposed that gay/homosexual couples also be given such spousal rights.

He said it is antiquated for the Bill to define cohabitants as merely being “of the opposite sex”, but said this beneficiary should be left to the employee to determine. At that, about three Government Senators shouted their support for Armstrong, who was also applauded by Opposition Senator Terrance Deyalsingh, among others. Armstrong urged the Senate in its later committee stage to excise the Bill’s reference to “opposite sex”, saying same-sex persons live together. He noted the United Nations Declaration on Sexual Orientation, plus a similar document of the Organisation of American States (OAS). “We need to bring our thinking in line with what is happening in the modern world,” ended Armstrong. Deyalsingh agreed, saying he had been loathe to raise the “very serious issue” raised by Armstrong.

“I would like to suggest that, as Trinidad and Tobago further develops, sometime in the future we are going to have to grapple with the issue of same-sex union,” Deyalsingh said. “Maybe not in this Parliament, but as the law progresses and as societal values change, that is something that a future Parliament cannot escape from.”

Baptiste-McKnight lent her support to Armstrong. She said, “Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and a lot of same-sex people got roses from same-sex people, in this Trinidad and Tobago . It is an issue, as we have just been told, with which we have got to start grappling.”

She lamented the Bill sought to “cut and paste” the provisions of the Civil Service Act (chapter 23:01) to the current Bill (24:01).

“As it stands, you are entrenching, in a day and age when the laws and recognition of facts are moving in a direction which you seem to be bucking,” she said, urging Senators to take another look at the issue of same-sex partners. As she spoke, Panday rose and asked her to give way.

He said, “Section 52 in the Book of Leviticus.” Baptiste-McKnight, perplexed, said, “What? Section 52 in what?” Panday, a Hindu, repeated, “The Book of Leviticus”.

Corrine Baptiste-Mcknight, Senator

Baptiste-McKnight, comprehending but wanting to convey her annoyance, said, “In what?”. Panday replied, “In the Book of Leviticus.” Baptiste-McKnight, feigning misunderstanding, mocked, “Who?” Senators murmured aloud. “Let me tell you something,” said Baptiste-McKnight to the bemusement of some Senators. “Leviticus is a Christian something, that existed long ago. We are here today, and if you want to go back to Leviticus now, there are many, many occasions on which I will take you not only to Leviticus, but to the Ark. Back to the Ark , right”. “So you are playing fast and loose. You are getting into insolicitous language. Don’t do that, with me. My thing is the English language”.

Based on research undertaken by AIDS Free World, Gay Rights Campaigner, Maurice Tomlinson, implementation of such a reform to public sector compensation benefits may be at odds with the legal standing of same sex male couples in Trinidad and Tobago. Buggery is still a crime in Trinidad punishable by 25 years imprisonment.

Travel Log: Bangkok Confidential 1 – Chronic Super Jetlag


Thai Ladies

This begins the chronicling of my amazing time in Bangkok. Its long overdue but due to chronic paap dung jetlag I dis find miself passed out 3 days after landing.

So when last were you told it is safe for even ladies to walk around past the devil’s bedtime alone? That is Bangkok for you, a city of 13 million people (most of whom I tower over by a foot or two) who exist lovingly and peacefully in an advanced Asian civilization where one clasps hands and bow for every greeting. I am yet to learn the words of the greetings, but in time I am sure I will.

Unfortunately, I will not see most of Thailand. The country has a population of 63 million people spread over198,115 sq mi. Chances are I will only get to see about 15-20 of those square miles , however, I give thanks for what I will see here. Every encounter thus far has been pleasantly garnished by a humble and welcoming smile topped off with a genuflect.

Local products and services are very cheap. A good dinner will run you US$3 – US$8 (J$255- J$675), taxi US$3 (J$255) for a long enough trip and good hotels US$40 -US$80 (J$3400-J$6725) US. Not bad at all. Labour is clearly cheap and 5 star luxuries in Jamaica are just regular undertakings here. For example, you will have someone to take your bags with a smile (for all you customer service persons please take notes), someone to give you a foot massage while you eat, someone to escort you to that shop you can’t find.

The ingenuity of the people knows no bounds and they have packaged and combined a service for everything. You can stand on the street and get a suit made and have it i.e. collect it later the same day. While I don’t plan to make a suite, I will be buying lots of fabric, especially silk, the best in the world.

With the time I have I will go walk a street every night, pack in 1 visit to the disco, 4 massages (a must do here as there are traditional Thai massage shops like we have rum bars) 3 tours and of course exotic dinners every night.

So until next time walk good.

The Lord Ambassador

Vote Now: People’s Choice Humanitarian Award


The People’s Choice Humanitarian Award is given to a person or organization that through their activities has contributed significantly to the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trans-gendered (LGBT) community. The person/organization need not be a Pro-gay activist entity, however, through their work they promote principles of fairness, tolerance and respect for humanity irrespective of sexual orientation.

Voting Instructions

  1. Place your browser cursor over the box to the left of the Humanitarian you intend to vote for (it doesn’t matter if you are using a mobile device or a computer)
  2. Check the box
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click the vote button
  4. If you do not agree with any of the choices and would like to submit another Human Rights Promoter, type it in the box marked Other

Your vote will be recorded and counted. Your vote is private and secret, when you vote we have no way of knowing who voted! Only the vote is important to us.

A Valentines Gift


I was in the shower at 2:30am playing with my thoughts and this stands out…How do you truly know when you love someone?

Tonnes of persons confuse infatuation with love, then fall for someone. When they finally realise that they’re unhappy it’s too late and trust me when I tell you, I know the feeling…it’s messed up. But the question was still lingering in my head and I remembered something my uncle had said to me some years ago, age 18 years to be exact, and he said “You love someone because you have to, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you like them”.

Ever since I’ve heard those words, I’ve looked at love, life and people from a different perspective, and I just couldn’t understand what he meant by it, each time someone mention the words ‘ I LOVE YOU’ I question if they love me for me or because they have to. Well, the question answered itself on those occasions, and I’ll give you a hint…I’m still single.

For years I’ve been trying to find the answer to what I’ve been told on my 18th birthday, and I’ve finally found the answer….I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the answer…

You can tell someone you love them, but you don’t like them, in the sense that you don’t like being around them, you tell them so that they feel special. You love your family because you have to, it’s compulsory, but you don’t like to be around them. When you truly love someone your heart stops beating when that person enters the room, you can’t sleep without hearing their voice to send you off to bed at nights, they’re the first person you want to talk to when you wake up, you can’t wait for them to call or send you a text, if you’re having a bad day that’s the only person in the world besides your real friends  that can make it better, the words of a soft and calm ‘I love you’ resonates your body and penetrates your heart, you don’t get butterflies in your tummy, you get lost for words, you get nervous with sweaty hands, body filled with joy and happiness  trying to find those words to express how you feel, but guess what? You can’t, when that person touches you and looks into your eyes, everything you want to say is expressed through them, they know what you’re going to say before you even mention it, they know when something is wrong, even if they’re far away, they know how you think, talk, walk and feel, they know your likes and dislikes, basically they know every fiber of your being and existence; that’s how you know when you’re in love with someone and vice versa.

So the next time you feel the need to tell someone you love them, ask yourself if you’re in love with them why you’re telling them you love them, or are you telling them because you want them to feel special, because if that’s the case, just say I like you. Something to think about… and if you’ve been hurt because of a false statement, or by someone who failed to tell you their real feelings and you got hurt, just remember, time heal all wounds, everything happens for a reason, sometimes its real and sometimes it isn’t. Later down you’ll see that person and it will be like whatever, you’ve moved on or you probably be asking yourself “what the hell was I thinking”….LOL


PINK Reindeer

Every Beat of My Heart