PINK Economic Report


3 thoughts on “PINK Economic Report

  1. i feel that our senor citizens and me a 14 year old girl is going to be put down on spending budgets but when its time for me to graduate and all the little kids are not to far behind and more to come but it comes to my concern that college book prices could go up to hundreds of dollors in stead of 80 and house prices will be going up and schools will shut down because kids will just give up on graduating and wont even care anymore because there wont be alot of class rooms and there will be about 50 kids in a classes i go to the ilc / intensive learning center and i may not be perfect and i may have had my mistakes but please we dont need this stuff happening to us people some people are getting to old to work and us kids that havent even turned 16 yet are scared but yet to come 2016 and we will all be dead havent you ever belived in some thing we need hepl this is really going to affect every one it wont affect rich people because rich people have money and were poor sooner than later there gonna have a rule that you have to pay to go to school and im not talking about college i just wanted to come to you as a student who cares and is asking for help very bad. 😦 alexis kurine bird look me up please im begging for help it will hurt every one .)

  2. please find attach infor for the 2011 caribbean vanity fair grammy awards. which promises to be a gala event this year as we have added new features such as

    1. red carpet walk and interview
    2. celebrity photo booth
    3. big screen power point presentation of nominees and winners
    4. givaways such a iphone 4, ipad, ipod2, digital camera black berry tablets
    5. preparty and preshow (free) at the loft on Friday July 22 with the main event saturyday July 23 in stoney hill
    6. local performance from Mercedez Vutton and international performer by winstina
    7. seated event this year
    8. online and text voting http://www.cvfgrammy.hpage.come / 845-7228 to cast ur vote

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