Loads to be Cocky About but not Kraven Moore


10981660_440498432771308_8463567658358032025_nIt’s been awhile since we have commented on the party scene or anything for that matter. This has occurred partly because the team at Pink has shrunk and dispersed globally (America and Canada), but mostly because there really hasn’t been a scene of sorts. Indeed the few parties there have been seemingly compete with Nyquil as a sleep agent. As such, we empathize with the JFLAG and UPT elites for snobbing the gay party scene preferring instead to patronize the burgeoning Soca and EDM fetes. Actually, that is an interesting piece of analysis- gay activists that snob gay events but wish to organize PRIDE. However, we have digressed from the topic at hand!

In assessing Cockiness, one has to understand that, that event is a very gritty urban party. In fact walking with a ratchet could very well seem like both a security precaution and an advertisement of sexual role. Notably, that last statement highlights why the organizers of Cockiness have loads to be proud about. In reviewing the PINK archives, we noticed that between 2010 and 2012 many of the party reviews were cautioning event organizers from selling drinks in bottles. The fear then being that; they may become missiles or other articles of warfare in the never ending internecine feuds that would erupt in party spaces. The 2015 Cockiness, highlights that social interactions may be changing towards more civility to the point where the fear of fights may be overstated.

Another area of praise for this team was the bar and the bar service. Again in reviewing the archives, we recall that in 2013 we wrote: that If one was at Cockiness and stayed until the end, then it is quite possible that you actually ended up enjoying yourself. This schizophrenic enjoyment, we suppose, can only be compared to the type of happiness felt by victims of robberies when they realize that they are still alive. For that article, the main area of concern was the shoddiness of the bar area and service then. For the 2015 edition, the organizers did away with the VIP foolishness, and had one general area that was purposely staffed and efficiently managed. We are sure that; there will be nit pickers that will identify areas of discomfort, however, the advice we give to the organizers is: Listen to them only to refine your product and not to make wholesale changes.

The Downside

In observing LGBT societies but especially gay male individuals and spaces, there are some inherent contradictions that one comes across immediately. One of the most important is the role and correct place of sex in our lives and conversations. On the one hand, most gay men when interviewed will readily state that they want to be relieved of  societal generalizations that carricature them as horned dogs but rather as people with interests beyond the next sexual encounter. Yet without fail LGBT spaces invariably have to succumb to the baser instincts and provide “Performances” to satisfy the pallet. The performers themselves must satisfy some underlying demand driven requirements regarding Age, weight , size and looks.

The organizers of Cockiness can easily defend themselves by arguing that they are not sociologists and are business people and merely giving the people what they want. However, were potential patrons demanding Krave Moore worse when there was no infrastructure to support the performance? Truthfully, the performance was little more than imported debauchery that would have been rubbished even in Gommarah. It would have made more economic sense to pick out a random vagrant with a 9.5 incher in need of a good bath, food and some cash in his pocket. At least one could veil their disgust with the poor performance with the certain knowledge that some social good was actually achieved in the end.

The less that is said about the music selection is probably the better. It was good in parts, basic in others and grandmotherly in good chunks. The organizers were saved by the fact that people genuinely came there in good spirits and to have a good vibe. Maybe they have Obama to thank for that.

Pink Commentary:

One of the challenges of people assessment in this Migratory period of time is that so many of the colourful people have left. The result is that instead of a rainbow landscape, we have been left with a dull boring grey. Moreover, for a segment of society that prides itself on being fashion forward, there seems to be more sameness than diversity on parade. In any event, these days the 80s and early 90s seem to be in vogue!

What we are glad about is that while the era of the gym will never be over, we are happy that the days of anorexia are gone with. It is good to see the general widening of the hips and the rounding of backsides. The logic of looking like one is in the midst of a Food Crisis has never really been understood by this author. Gladly those days seem to be receding like some people’s hairlines.



Bar Vibes Music Location Average
9.0 9.8 6 8.5 8.325