2016 Hot List


Going through our Pink Archives, we cannot believe it has been 5 years since we have produced a Hot List. Indeed, it has been years since we have actually said or commented on anything. In that short space of time much has changed, with many of the people who were on our list no longer being with us (owing to migration)!  Furthermore with the gym and 5K Road running becoming a serious community pastime, freshly minted Hotties are being produced each summer. Also not to be left out are the Coming of Agers, those H&M wearing eighteen (18) to twenty-somethings(20+), who have been breast fed on the internet and over exposed by social media.

Motley Crew Luau Menu.jpg

Now as in previous years, we are not going to intellectualize this process by coming up with objective qualifiers. That would reduce what is truly a fun activity into an academic exercise and in any event will still only expose rather than limit biases. Interestingly, our list contains people who are in various stages of their lives both professionally and otherwise. For example, our top slot and fourth ranked person are in their late 40’s to early 50’s, while admittedly the entire list is skewed towards Millenials (those born after 1980).

The List

  1. Kim-Kay

Fine he did not gain notoriety by having a sex tape leaked, (that would be the old fashioned way). Rather his fame is built on good solid foundations, the proper way- by cartooning and lampooning different representations of personalities found in Jamaica. Yet on the scene he is known for his love of shorts, which not even Zika can get him out of

9.Professor Snape:

This is a fellow that claims Bustamante as his God-father and was seemingly baptized at Belmont Road. Continuous exercise is his religion, Gym his church and road running his Eucharist! However, don’t let his loquaciousness on Facebook fool you though because he is a distinctly quiet soul with a big heart.  If you are ever in need of a love potion, check him out, he knows his way around a lab!

  1. Thor

Why it is that, it is always the truly beautiful ones that are always complaining about their looks? Here is a fellow whose youthful, boy next door looks have matured into masculine, cosmopolitan, sophistication! Heck even the bald spot is sexy and he even won the lottery with those eyes. Plus, if the rumours are true- Let’s just say now you know the reason behind the nickname Thor!!

  1. Madea

Now this fellow burst on to the scene as a shirtless boy toy bartender in the VIP section of a Cockiness party! Since that time his chest has grown SIGNIFICANTLY and the nipples even perkier! If you are wondering why the name Madea, just go to one of his plays then watch a Tyler Perry tape and see if you don’t see the stylistic similarities!

  1. Anderson Cooper

Come on if you are smart you have already figured it out. The only thing we will say is Ditch the glasses, Ginger Toes!!