Goodbye 2010


2010 for some was simply an Annus Horribilis ( Bad Year) whilst for others an Annus Mirabilis (Good Year), but in the final analysis it comes to a close in a matter of hours. In our final posting for the year we have elected to focus attention on the battles, many internal that we must fight for 2010 and beyond and wish everyone a safe and productive 2011.

Please note the following is taken from the Facebook posting of a dear friend and whilst it reflects the views  of PINK and has been edited, it is not our words:

**Everything I say is clearly my own opinions. I stake no claim(s) to any affiliation(s). Any misleading, inappropriate or erroneous facts are my fault. However all attempts are made to verify any information given.**

Throughout the middle of last week, for five (5) days between Tuesday and Saturday, I was inspired to write something and couldn’t stop thinking about it. It brought me to deliberately post some fantasy-fiction battle scenes on FaceBook based on some of those thoughts. Of course, they were mostly from one of my favourite movies— The Lord of the Rings Trilogy [based off the book The Lord Of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien].

Battle For Greatness

The humble wizard, Gandalf the Grey both wise and learned was to come upon his deepest betrayal. On seeking counsel with his mentor Saruman, he would realize that his elder had sided with the dark enemy, Sauron. That lead him through near death and further contests of magic with Saruman which culminated in the battle against Balrog in Moria.

This beast of shadow and fire, a demon of old, was tall and powerfully deadly. Gandalf had knowledge of it and must have feared the inevitable confrontation but was bold enough to stand at the bridge and fight to allow the other members of the Fellowship of the Ring to continue on their path. After the long battle, he was to become transformed into Gandalf the White, a greater and more powerful wizard.

Not everyone who saw this scene may have seen the significance of it. However, many times in life we will encounter situations when bad things will threaten to befall a friendship, a family, a community or even a country. However, if anyone can be brave enough to make that crucial stand to fight the enemy [in whatever form], their actions will create a greatness in them and more importantly benefit everyone else.

Battle Of Trust

King Theodin of Rohan, saved from the evil spell of Saruman, by Gandalf the White was to enter his most testing battle yet. He stood on the mountaintop with his army, as the leagues of orcs and other vile beasts attacked the city of Minas Tirith. He knew that he would fail his troops if he couldn’t encourage them and press them forward to fight the enemy. He did manage to rouse a tremendous vigour. His self-confidence fused into their own spirits and they themselves became empowered to do what they must. As the sun rose behind them the riders dashed forward and fought tooth and nail.

The need for encouragement from others can NEVER be underestimated. Often times we may think we face an overwhelming task, a burden too heavy to bear but it is that urge and positive energy from those around us that may take us through that rough patch. Yes, we trusted our friends to entice us into action but that trust was really for us to do something that we must.

Battle Of Determination

At the Battle Of Helms Deep, it seemed the enemy would overrun the final barriers and continue to plunder and kill until there was not a soul left. King Theodin looked on in despair as he feared for his people.

Theodin: “So much death! What can men do against such reckless hate?”

Aragorn: “Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.”

Aragorn, who was to become the next King for Middle Earth, remembered right at that moment a promise made to him by Gandalf [the White]. “Look for me on dawn’s light on the third day.” Gandalf was to regroup many of the scattered riders from the City of Rohan to come and aid in the battle. We don’t get the story of how he did this but Aragorn trusted enough to know he could depend on him to keep his word.

We should all note that,  it is our determination to fight the enemy at all costs that will make others realize who the real enemy is. Yes, Gandalf [the White] kept his word but if King Theodin, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and the many other men and elves had not seen the importance of what they were fighting for then: the soldiers and people of Rohan and others may not have either.

Battle Of the Mind

Aragorn would encounter his first major test after he was given the remade blade of his ancestor who had broken it while defeating Sauron. He bravely went through the Path Of Death to meet the ghosts of a dead army that had been cursed to a living dead because of disloyalty. He needed them to help in the battle for the city of Minas Tirith.

Though the words of the Ghostly army leader “The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it. They way is shut. Now you must die!” is extremely chilling, Aragorn did not flinch but prepared to meet his destiny;

“You have my word. Fight and I will release you from this living dead. What say you?!”

It is more astounding because Aragorn knew it was in his power to command them. There was no bravado there. He had finally realized what his true purpose was. After years of wandering as a Ranger and being considered an excellent tracker and “Strider” but not seen as royalty, he finally took his bloodline with grave seriousness. He was a leader, in fact, he was the true King of Middle Earth.

The lesson here is that our path might lead us astray and cause us to even meet upon ghosts; but if we stay true to who we really are, nothing but death can stop us from achieving. Our destiny lies in our realization that we were great all along.

The Battle of Battles

A war is never won in a day but over a period of time through many smaller battles. Over the history of time on Earth there have been many types of wars and reasons behind them. However, the one we must fight is not for jobs, land, money or titles but to overcome evil. But how do we fight evil?

On December 10, 2010, I made this statement on FaceBook:

My thoughts process my words, impact my actions affect my surrounding environment and everyone else’s actions which refocus my own thoughts again. The world is so interconnected. Try and think positively and it may be the start of a change in other people’s thoughts, words and actions.

I’ve seen and realized for myself the essential truth in this statement. I’ve seen and realized for myself that whatever we do will impact someone else’s life. And no matter how small the impact, it will create a ripple effect that will impact the world over. Our thought processes impacting others’ thought processes is not a New Aged philosophy. Nor is it my way of saying everyone on Earth has some innate ESP [Extra-sensory Peception]. It just highlights how close the world has become mostly aided by modern technology. The core of our beings can cause an impression on others. Why not make it a positive impression so that others can become positive too?


I came across the following Bible verse recently: Psalms Chapter 118: verse 17

“I shall not die, but LIVE, and declare the works of the Lord,”

As a religious and spiritual person, everything I do I try to factor in if it impacts others the way the Lord would want it to. You may not believe in God but at least attempt to realize that everything you do not only affects yourself.

Selah & Good Year




Two words, PURE AWESOMENESS!!!! As PINK!!! Anticipated, SANKOFA Events delivered on their promises to give patrons the ultimate Christmas/Boxing Day extravaganza, much extravagant than last year’s considering that the birth place of Santa’s List was much bigger than the LOFT.

The creative concept on decorating the venue was pure genius, the use of pieces of cotton to decorate the floor to portray the UV light was a creative gesture, it was evident that one section of the LOFT portrayed a Pure/Plush setting which is intended for the ‘nice’ list, while the other section was a euro underground club setting which is to say it’s for the ‘naughty’ list.

From the beginning to the end DJs rocked the house with different genres of music which had the club hyped and was begging for more, there were instances where it felt as though I was in a dancehall setting, which is an addition to the fun wheel considering that it was my queue to do as my good friend Enya calls it “dash out and heng up mi bady”. A member of the PINK!! Team was seen commanding the attention of the dance floor showing the children how work and taking charge of the girls.

Excluding few minor technical issues with the music that had patrons causing an up roar about the lack of proper maintenance of the sound systems, and the constant turning on of the lights to use as a spotlight, it was evident that no one in the LOFT was Nice…Santa; the list is filled with naughty children this year I told a fellow patron.

The promoters of SANKOFA Events earned their title as the Undisputed Christmas/Boxing Day promoters of the year and were given congratulations fully supported by PINK!!! And we anticipate that next year will even be more extravagant than the previous years.


  1. To reduce health risk the management of The LOFT needs to invest in proper ventilation and more fans or air conditions unites.
  2. Invest in decorating the roof and use it as a chill zone
  3. Enforce the NO SMOKING rules, or block off an area with drapes and call it the smoking area, patrons could hardly breathe in the club
  4. Invest in proper sound and electrical equipments to avoid electrical shortage, fire hazards and lack of music that will leave patrons restless
  5. Place at least three (3) lights over the bar so that the bar tenders be able to see properly
  6. Reduce the use of the heat lamps as spotlights; they generate way too much heat.


  1. J-FLAG’s top boss and leader of the rebellion against sexual discrimination and the fight for human rights Dane “ Cabinet Secretary” Lewis and his friendly date for the evening;
  2. Fellow colleague of the rebellion against sexual and HIV/AIDS discrimination, the fight for human rights and the mother for all at Jamaica AIDS support for life The Grand High Queen with her dark chocolate coloured partner ;
  3. Mrs. Clause in her cute little Santa top but a fashion road kill bottom; looking stunning as always with her partner former Executive Director of the fight against sexual and HIV/AIDS discrimination and Director of Couture Elements;
  4. Blogger and Queen DJ of the north DJ Howie;
  5. Socialites and members of the UPT group Fierce and Co.;
  6. UPT Socialite, A-Lister and Member of the PINK!!! Reportthe Altar Boy;
  7. Certified Diva Enya;
  8. Certified Divas of the North Masy Gray & Kookie;
  9. The cute Dancer Boy with the hazel eyes;
  10. Multi talented and attorney-at-law in the making the Traveler;
  11. SANKOFA Events promoter Euriel Andres strutting his stuff and working the dance floor.

The PINK!!! Reindeer

7 Questions for New Years EVE: Interview with F.A.C.E.


What is the name of your event?


Describe the location and setting for this event

When our guests arrive, they will be pleasantly surprised to see how such a familiar venue will be transformed from a pumpkin, magically into the silver chariot to whisk them into 2011! Enjoy the evening under the stars right in the heart of Kingston’s Golden Triangle at what promises to be the best decorated rainbow event of the year! Come and dance the night away on our on of a kind GLITTERED Dance floor to some of the hottest songs of this year and the years gone by. The infamous Rainbow Lounge has undergone a transformation of its very own and is sure to get a lot attention! Even more so than last year! For those concerned about safety security. We will have our guards on hand protecting us and your vehicles.

How much will it cost?

Tickets cost 2500 before Christmas and $3000 after

Is it Invitation only or open

This is an invitation only event, There are only limited tickets available and tickets WILL NOT be sold at the gate!

So why should anyone come to your party?

Starbursts Promises to be the premier event this new years eve.

The F.A.C.E. Crew has been busy at work pulling out all the stops to ensure our guest leave 2010 bordering orgasmic and enter 2011 perfectly satisfied.Leave your wallets at home boys and Girls while F.A.C.E. Shows You how we do ALL INCLUSIVE! Come and taste the juicy flavors at one of our TWO premium bars.
One which will boast special Starburst inspired mixed drinks all night. and of course, F.A.C.E.’s one of a kind Starburst Shots…

Everyone deserves a break, so help yourself to something from our Mid-night buffet and satisfy your sweet tooth with something sinful from out 5-star dessert table. Rum cake, chocolate cake, cheese cake, Christmas pudding just to name a few!

We have already sold a lot of our tickets at the discounted price and we are happy to say that we will have a nice blend of both boys and girls (and even those in between).  we are busy doing everything we can to cater to all guest.  We have also taken the advice of many of our patrons from last year and have made major changes. We are really looking forward to making sure all our guest have the best possible time!

We are confident that we are offering the most cost efficient way to party this NYE, for tickets being sold as Low as 2500 for an Ultra all Inclusive, we are sure to be a The best Deal in Town for the Children of the Rainbow.  Remember though, This is an invitation Only event. There are Only Limited Tickets left available, and there will Be NO Tickets available at the gate!

We look forward to serving and seeing all our invited guest there!

Dress Code


Which DJ will be playing at your party?

D.J. Dwight

Hugs and Kisses!
– Fierce “Lady Chesterville” Lindo!

The A List Cont’d


The damning Wikileaks exposé on a meeting with the wife of a high ranking member of Jamaican Society has unearthed standards of decorum and behaviour expected of anyone but especially those on our A- List. If per chance any of us were invited to the homes, offices or any meeting place by these persons we can expect that:
1.Food will be fresh and not leftovers from a previous meal
2.The beverage being served will relate to the theme of the occasion
and indeed its label if one is explicitly provided

Having said that readers will recall, that in our December 5th Posting we had indicated that the A List is not a Hot List, and as such should be read independently and separately from the earlier list. Whilst there are a hodge podge of reasons for the different persons being on the list, the universal factor is that of social profile albeit that
profile need not be in a strictly LGBT context.

The List

5.The Ambassador
When others list French, Spanish or even Russian and Chinese as secondary languages this BBM (Big, Beautiful Man) lists his as Norwegian. In 2010 he became the community’s Representative to that impressive New York based Global Body and now no longer remembers what economy class on an airline looks like. In spite of his many accomplishments, which includes his long standing live in relationship with Lady Beatrix, arithmetic is not one of them and the source of embarrassing episodes often involving counting from his birth year.

4.Lady Chesterville
This little princess does have somewhat have a bit of a tyrannical streak, which some have quietly commented reminds them of a Desperate Housewife. Yet this tyrannical streak is her strength and not her weakness as she does have a reputation of getting things done, wielding teams together and forging alliances. Furthermore, she is not wishy washy either as her volunteering with NGO’s (albeit somewhat suspended) and personal interventions as it relates to housing and caring for persons affected by discrimination shows!

3.The Vicar
Easily the most commented on personality for 2010 and yet one of the most affable. We need not say much about him except to reinforce that he is the chief anointer of UPT parties. The rumour mill is churning as to what he and his motley crew might be doing for New Years but we know that the Abbey will be rocking!

2. Lady Rottweiler
Its a testament to this gentleman’s greatness when you can be away from the island and still manage to be near the summit of any list. Most persons either love him or hate him but most admire him. His intellect is unquestionable and affinity for the finer things/men in life undeniable. Don’t get it twisted though, his bite is as bad as his bark but in the end he is just a great big pup.

1. Dr. Buddha Ganesh
An invitation to tea or a lyme with this gentleman is something to be treasured and would make you the envy of some the island’s most prominent citizens. To be in his company is to be among greatness. However, what makes this character so special is not what he has or what he has accomplished but who he is as a person! He has a special magnetism that makes Bulls quake and horses kneel. To be on his invitation list is a signal that you have arrived.

As we head into  Christmas and Boxing Day, we here at the Pink Report would like to wish you our Readers a wonderful, happy,joyous, and A List season. For those who are religious and are have been following the evolution of this list: we would like to remind them that when Jesus came he hung out with thieves, prostitutes (now called commercial sex workers) and other deviants who would not be classified as A List persons. In short whilst we must aim to be better men and women, we must not loose our sense of self nor grow contemptious of our fellow man. for those who are not religious I leave you with the words of Rudyard Kipling:

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings–nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much,
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And–which is more–you’ll be a Man, my son!



Eyes Wide Open!!


With only 12 days to go before 2011, it’s the time of year again when we all wind down to reflect on the year that has past! Its also at this time of year that we gather in Mandeville with some of our closest and dearest friends underneath the mistletoe drinking sorrel and eating fruit cake. We wrap presents to give to our loved ones and unwrap those from those that love us, and enjoy a nice meal with our families (that’s if we ever do those kind of stuff).

In our bright and rainbow coloured community the only thing that’s important to us during the Christmas season are the parties and lymes. Some of these soirees we anticipate from the beginning of November will entertain us during the Christmas Holidays and bring us into the New Year to come.

This year we at PINK!! We see a few promising promoters/parties that we have to highlight and hope will deliver this year’s entertainment. Unfortunately excluded from this years list is veteran party promoters We Welcome Fierceness who have indicated that they will not be bringing their usual high octane event.

Anticipated Parties….

Last year SANKOFA Events destroyed Temple Mount with Santa’s List: Naughty or Nice, and gave us the best Christmas night entertainment of 2009. The crowd was an eclectic mix of persons from diverse backgrounds that was representative of all colours of the rainbow. This year’s event will be hosted at the Loft, Kingston’s newest and only dedicated gay venue. The venue has been slightly upgraded since the first Strip Party and the acoustics remain excellent. Point is expect music loud enough to revive the dead.

Fierce & Company:
Last year’s new comers Fierce & Co. brought to us the most ultra-exclusive New Years Eve party to end the year. Numbered on their guest list was every member of the A List Gliteratti, not just those on the Top 10! Indeed many felt they had arrived by simply being on the guest list. Whilst the event lacked excitement and was a little too economical for an exclusive affair, it nonetheless was a decent start for this young outfit. With that in mind we look forward to the improvements in this years stagging dubbed Starbursts, as we wait to hear about the location and who the DJ will be!

Flight of Fantasy

Fine heading to Ocho Rios at this time of year does not appeal to everyone’s palate and it can be down right dangerous given the state of the roads and the proclivity for alcohol induced accidents. Having said that, Circle has endorsed it and it is their reputations on the line. For those of us in our mid to late Twenties, Circle is a group that defined the early 21st Century. This was the IT group for those in college and university during the period after the year 2000 and came to signify sexy with a capital S. This party will determine whether they (Circle) are a fine Merlot or Vinegar!

With Sadness….

We Welcome Fierceness: Every year We Welcome Fierceness has provided us with their annual New Year’s Eve/Day celebration party, unfortunately for reasons only known to them they have decided to exclude themselves from this year’s celebrations. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Considering that it is one of the most anticipated party of the year.

Patrons not making the guest list or not able to afford the price tag for the Fierce and Company event need not worry though. The Loft along with some partners will be opening the Village for one night only.

The Pink Reindeer

Coming attractions

  1. The Poll Results
  2. The A List (Women)
  3. The final 5: The A List


More Lesbian Mix Up Please


Crowning of the King of Mix Up

Another segment of the Jamaican populace is up in arms about the antics of the charismatic and popular radio personality Dr. Kingsley “Ragashanti” Stewart. This time it is the turn of the lesbians!

The precise area of angst, is that sometime in late November the self-styled “King of Mix Up” started dedicating themed programming to Lesbian Mix Up. The result has been a cocktail of personal business, innuendos and facts about lesbianism in Jamaica. In deed what has some lesbian and gay rights activists up in arms is that their sexual preferences are: being denegrated to the level of entertainment for the general population;community codes are liberally being discussed placing members at risk and the unmanaged discussions could lead to lesbophobia.

However, to argue that the Ragashanti discussions could lead to lesbophobia is to assume none existed before; worse to assume that it could cause a rise in that phobia is to insist that some pre-existing metric or test had clearly established a level such that a rise or growth can be assessed. Further, when the text of Lesbian Mix Up is placed within the context of Ragashanti’s programming it does acquire an air of normalcy. Let us recall that the programme ( Ragashanti Live) is dedicated to quintessential Jamaican “Mix Up” or what our friends in Trinidad may call Bacchanal.

Dr. Kingsley "Ragashanti" Stewart

Yet what must not escape our collective senses is that Ragashanti is just a Talk Show Host as such he plays a role akin to a referee. He is the one providing context but not content for his programme. That content is being provided by his call-in listenership and it is utterly demand driven. As a consequence those arguing that the purpose of the theme (Lesbian Mix Up) is a thin veil to disguise his (Ragashanti’s) own possible homosexuality should stop and assess themselves or query whether that is not a projection of their own desires. Judging from the callers and the use of codes it is members of the lesbian community that has brought bucket, pail, dirty laundry and the Fab soap to the stand pipe. All Ragashanti did was provide the stand pipe, no one needed to have gone there to wash.

In the final analysis, Ragashanti’s Lesbian Mix Up is an opportunity to engage the wider Jamaican population about Lesbianism. That is, it is an opportunity to turn entertainment into Edutainment and a form that is easily distinguishable from initiation which is usually the argument persons have against sexuality education. Whilst much of the content being discussed on the programme is unsavoury and not necessarily representative of the fulcrum of personalities within the lesbian community, it nevertheless shows that lesbians are human beings. It illustrates that like all other beings lesbians feel hurt, feel love and give bun too. In fact more discussions like these could precipitate stigma reduction and promote raising of tolerance levels. But alas no metric exists that states the society’s existing tolerance levels.


5 tips for 2011

Ocho Rios Bay 

Ocho Rios Bay

For many 2010 was a disastrous year! The graduating class of 2010 from the nation’s and indeed the world’s colleges and universities saw dreams of early employment in career fields evaporate whilst those currently employed were happy, just to maintain there status. For those mildly interested in economics and politics, it is difficult to comprehend that the statistics on the country’s economic health illustrate that the average Jamaican household is poorer today than it was in 2006!

Yet notwithstanding the trials and tribulations of 2010, for a few it (2010) was a successful year if not financially, experientially (to the extent such a word exists)! These are the persons who have turned adversity into opportunity and problems into solutions.

Now every recession throws up its fair share of gurus peddling the Keys To Success or Tips for Better Living. In many regards the following 5 tips fall in that category, but they are offered freely:

1. If you are under 35 have a million dollars to spend and the choice is between purchasing a new car and paying down on a house, purchase the car:

This tip is actually found in the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and stems from the fact that both cars and houses are not assets but really impressive long term liabilities. However, the reason we propose you buy the car instead of the house at that age is that income is strongly correlated to mobility and also that rent in the short term is cheaper than mortgage.

Now do the maths let us assume you are the average single young professional working in the Kingston Metro area (Portmore and Spanish Town included). Kingston does not have affordable starter homes for that look not even to Portmore and Spanish Town but to Old Harbour. In addition in spite of the valiant attempts by the JUTC, the Metro area has a relatively ramshackle and tiresome transportation service. Thus you will always need a motor vehicle or some transportation to get you to your job.

Now let us further assume a new job opportunity in your desired career field opens up in Negril. The relocation costs include having to find a tenant for your home plus rental accommodations in Negril. Furthermore, real estate dealers will advise that rent is usually less than mortgage. So taking all into consideration it would have been easier to purchase a GOOD car, pay rent and pack your bags and move to your new employ.

2. Recognize that you live here not there!

Many of us engage in the practice and art of Jamaicaphobia always beating up on the country and its institutions and never having anything constructive to say. The worst are those who say ” if Jamaica was a civilized coutry” or ” if this was America or Canada.” Ironically the implication of the uncivilized country argument is that those that live here are barbarians and louts, which includes the residents making the statements.

The truth is the developed countries of North America, Europe and increasingly those in Latin America and Eastern Asia offer a vast array of opportunities just not present in Jamaica. However, you are here not there and remember Dorothy’s Ruby slippers took her home not away.

So either Shut Up and leave or stay and grab something and start helping with the development of the country and your community. If you do decide to leave just send your remittances and don’t remind us of how hard things may be in Jamaica. For those who decide to stay and are better off it is time to start supporting the Jamaica Aids Support for Life (JASfL) and the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All Sexuals and Gays (JFLAG) and the other NGOs.

We can stary with something small like giving a gift to a child living with or made orphaned by HIV/AIDS. This Christmas let’s place Project Smiles on our Gift Giving List this year.

3. Don’t define yourself by your job or degree.

A friend of mine would always tease medical doctors that we were introduced to by asking are you a real real doctor or just a doctor doctor? The solid implication being that medical doctors as a class were inferior to those doctors who have acquired their titles through research. Of course this friend would turn to attorneys and point out that they just have a first degree with one little postgraduate diploma!

However, the real issue for my friend was that too many of us announce our degrees as if they define us, when it is the quality of our work and values that ought to. Worse many believe that a Kingston 8 or 6 address or skin colour marks them as being UPT, when they are possibly closer to being dregs (in any event dregs always float to the bottom no matter the amount of mixing). The key issue here is that the people who matter will know your class and value by how you handle situations and a clear consistent demonstration of competency. So the next time don’t announce your profession, announce yourself.

4. Recognise that this too shall pass

Life is one high speed roller coaster with a whole lot of throwing up, the sooner we realise it the quicker we stop stressing.

Yes the highs should be enjoyed and the lows despised but the attainment of the highs stem from the work you did at the lows. Furthermore the lows we are at often times have to do with the mistakes we made when we were at our highs.

Ten years ago my biggest challenge was having to deal with the fact having gotten into my first choice university in Canada due to financial constraints I had to go to UWI where I was completely funded. Today as I watch my friends struggle with hefty first world student loan debt and having to relocate due to a recession, I am glad I don’t have to deal with those challenges. My new challenge is having to deal with my ageing parent and the loss of the other. Tomorrow my challenge may be my bulging waistline, Cancer or some other malady or even unemployment. Irrespective of the challenge, there is no option but to deal with each new challenge.

5. Don’t be afraid to do something

Recently the Pink Report got an opportunity to be invited to and attend a Visualisation In Participatory Programmes workshop in Ocho Rios. The focus of the workshop was to introduce participants to a concept of participatory learning approaches that can be incorporated in existing strategies irrespective of the field but with a focus on HIV/AIDS service organizations.

What was indeed interesting was that at this workshop persons in attendance included programme managers and officers from some of the leading Non-governmental Organizations in the field and Pink was there! Last year this time, the entity wasn’t even a thought and to be invited to sit at a table as an equal proves that much can be accomplished in under a year with little to no resources.

The story of Pink is that the reward for doing something is a sense of accomplishment where as the reward for inactivity is the if I did moments!

In looking at the range of organizations seated at the workshop and the trials that they have overcome to remain in existence; one of the lessons/reinforcements learnt is that there will always be “naysayers and badmind” people, misery loves company! However, that shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goal it is just an opportunity to develop a better marketing strategy regarding yourself, your product or your entity!