Midori: Not on Cloud 9 but almost there


ImageThe general consensus going into Midori was that the timing was simply bad. This event had to compete for attention with Dream Weekend and SPF at a point in time where persons simply wanted to be out of Kingston. Throw into the mix the fact that the venue, though widely known, is pretty new for this type of spectacle! Normally, these environmental factors would have meant that the Bible of Excuses was already dusted off and the relevant passages peculiar to the circumstance identified. However, this time the virgins of Cloud 9 decided to behave like well-seasoned pornstars and deliver a party that has significantly raised the bar for local LGBT entertainment.

The VIP Area and Bar

To be frank Midori delivered on what Miami Vice didn’t have the budget but never the less seemingly promised to do. For starters it had a well defined, appointed and secured VIP area. Secondly, VIP band holders did not have to compete with regular ticket holders for anything. However, most importantly VIP did feel like VIP and not some watered down version. In fact this was the party that it would have been an insult to use the term Drinks Inclusive to describe the pricier band.

To their credit, the promoters smartly provided Mojito specials. Now the beauty of a Mojito is that whilst it is an exotic drink, it really is Lemonade with a splash of Rum and mint tea leaves. Consequently, it can stretch thus avoiding the annoyance of hearing guests complaining about the lack of liquor, its perfect for the summer time, it’s a fiscally prudent drink to make as the alcohol content should not be too high and in any event a good Mojito can be made using Rumbar if one wanted to forgo the more expensive Appleton and most importantly it appeals to status conscious VIPs.

If there was one weakness in the VIP area was that it had too many options for entrances. This scenario meant that guests were subjected to spot checks by the security on duty to establish they were bonafide band holders. A better mechanism would have been to place stanchions at the front thus restricting access to one point.

For regular ticket holders, the bar may as well have been in another parish. The Cloud 9 promoters for the future should not make the bar an exercise of strength, patience and endurance. Yet another interpretation could be that the bar was strategically placed to ensure that patrons would be thirsty again by the time they reached back to the dance floor.

The Party

The venue was probably too big for the crowd on hand and whilst DJ David is clearly regaining his form, there were times we felt like gagging him. However, music aside this party lacked the vibes that was clearly on display at Cockiness and even Miami Vice. That is not to say it wasn’t a good party for dancing, which it was, it just clearly a solidly UPT party.

Midori Fashion Hits:

  • 3D- This guy is definitely known for taking fashion risks, which ultimately sometimes means there are more miss than hit. Whilst his leggings and muscle tunic top may have been a bit too dressed down for the event it oozed an adrongenous sex appeal that we liked.
  • Candy- What can we say girl loves her clothes and knows how to accessorise. Yet we hope a party could occur where she is not high

Midori Fashion Miss:

  • Everyone in T-shirt and jeans. Recession aside a premium party deserves premium threads.
  • Everyone in shorts with horrible legs. A special jab is at those with especially skinny legs. The fact is we are inundated with news of poverty and hunger, we do not need to go to a party to be reminded of it

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