2011 Summer Hot List


Twas the day of Hydration, two days before Sea Queens and the weekend before the start of ATI and the gyms were filled with expectation. All one could hear was the clinging, clashing of weights as pecs and shoulders were pushed to their maxim. At the stores the sound of breath escaping clenched lips were audible as credit cards pushed to their limits did not decline this time!

Now let us be clear as we said last year, as admirers of beauty, this is not the Principal’s Office nor are we Deans of Discipline for that matter. As such in this our 2011 Summer Hot List Edition we will not be handing out demerits for bad behaviour (in fact, in our estimation a little naughty is a good thing!). Further, we will not pander to those who would want us to intellectualize this experience by trying to develop objective criteria to assess beauty, nor will we go down the route of developing weights and measures. Rather we will take the high ground and follow the time honoured carnal tradition of letting our “other head” do the thinking, it has served us well over the years and in fact our only criterion for selection is identifying the hottest bodies on the beach this year.

The Rankings!

10.          Last Years’ Number 10 is again this year’s Number 10, the Clown Prince of Facebook. Now here is a character that is known for his frequent Facebook travels to Canada but ironically doesn’t know what NMIA means or where one may find the airport. However, to be fair he is a jetsetter and as such his PEOPLE deal with those logistical matters. The rumour is that he has taken to a religious exercise regimen at the gym but whereas his membership has been verified by several persons they will only testify to his ORAL WORKOUTS!

9.            The Big Mack, the former Vicar of St. Andrew and Kingston’s new Consular General to the North Coast. Now seriously this fellow needs no introduction or long winded description, but if Texaco was giving away frequent driver miles he would have qualified several times over. We will admit that we considered this fellow a committed Bachelor; however, events have proven how WRONG WE WERE!

8.            Dr. Goodbody.  This brother is a pocket Hercules with his bulging bisceps, large chests, soldier like shoulders and perky cheeks (not the facial ones). He is genuinely one of those persons that it is hard to find an awful thing to say about. Yet we all know: where two or more gays are gathered there shall the bitterness be, so we await the person that can dish up some scandalous dirt on this one! For us, at this juncture we note that It’s a good thing he is certified to write the prescription for heart failure you will need when you meet him.

7.            Miss Lashy. He is known to have an eye for the finer things in life and this includes his taste in clothes and men as well as choice of vacation spots. He is heavily invested and committed to maintaining his slim, svelte profile and model good lucks. A good friend that is willing to share the last of what he has with his closest friends and associates. However, his determination to not being perceived a hypocrite and penchant for political discourse earns him his nick name. It is as if he has never heard the saying A silent answer turneth away wrath.

6.            The Lord Ambassador. Yup we have taken notice of the new gym body which complements the highly developed sense of style. Here is a fellow that knows his Gucci from Goosey yet understands the finer art of bargain shopping in the far flung regions of the world. A high rolling hotstepper, who only flys BUSINESS CLASS!!


JFLAG Launches new Tolerance Campaign: Unconditional Love


Featuring Christine Straw and her brother Matthew Straw, the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All-Sexuals and Gays launched their latest Public Service Announcement today. The one minute clip, shows Ms. Straw a former Miss Jamaica Universe showing love and admiration for her openly gay brother walking hand in hand on an idyllic white sand beach in an undisclosed location.

The video clip touches on a wide range of social issues including: family, acceptance, tolerance, respect and love. More importantly, the video represents an emboldened JFLAG that is taking its message of social progress to the living rooms of Jamaica.

A copy of the clip is noted below:

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!!


Real Chiles depicted as the face of the Gay Community


In the Grimms Brothers infamous German fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a Queen asked her magic mirror “who is the fairest of them all?.” Now quite apart from the irony of using the term Queen in a gay publication, the gay community globally and locally is in a position similar to that Queen, the only difference being that instead of asking who is the fairest we have queried Who is the “Fairiest (Gayest) of them all?”

If one were to scour the profiles on gay social networking sites or have a focus group discussion with gay men across all classes and age groups the consensus position would probably be that the answer to the question above is: those individuals who are effeminate drag queens. Indeed the definition and sole purpose of the community saying “Da Chile deh Real EEEE!” is to point out the effeminacy in a person. Furthermore, drag queens and cross dressers have had to band together in a Crew of sorts; precisely because they have been rejected and ostracized by the wider gay community for being well OUT AND BAD! Thus is it all too surprising or abominable that the Jamaica Observer has chosen this group of persons as the representative face of homosexuality?

Indeed let us attempt to “Trod” a path of analysis and logical deduction, even though one will admit that this publication is often guilty of faulty logic and downright impaired analysis. If it is that the community has determined that effeminacy, and cross dressing are the highest determinants in being accorded the status of REAL, whereas hyper masculinity topped off by middle class values somehow improves worth and shelters one from being “outed” then it would be safe to say that the community from its own internalizations and assessment has determined that fellows that look anything like the ones editorialized by the Observer are the Gayest of them all! Then how much different is the community’s idea and identification of a REAL GAY MAN any different than the Observer’s own?

In the final analysis the argument really turns on concepts of representative and representation. To this we ask a simple question of you our readers: If not the effeminate drag queen, who is more representative. Note the words carefully because if one posits a group as being equally representative then the Observer can pick from its equals and if one identifies a group that is unrepresentative but aspirational then one is lying to oneself.


PINK Opportunity


The Pink Report is seeking suitable candidates to become associate writers in the following areas:


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If you’re interested in writing in any of the following areas please send us an e-mail along with something you have written to pinkreport@gmail.com 


An LGBT Summer

On Saturday July 9 Couture Elements, the dynamic duo behind The Oasis Lounge, literally rocked the boat in a splendiferous party called NAUTIGLAM aboard a glamorous vessel appropriately named Queen of the Seas! Kingston Harbour has never before seen such a kaleidoscope of colour as the Couture Elements boat party rocked the seas with fabulous couture. This event quite frankly has set the bar exceedingly high for all other events that will follow this summer season.

DJ David and DJ Howie kept sneakers, heels and even a wheelchair moving the entire time as patrons bobbed and weaved (pun intended) to the ebb and flow of the waves and were washed over by musical selections that had everyone sweaty and ecstatic! Princess Teyana Monica Nage showed her incredible versatility as she gave a heart-stopping performance on rough seas in sky-high heels and showed why she is a strong contender in the upcoming Grammy Awards.

She was cheered on by the ever fabulous Ashley Hottsteppa Kardashian and the stunning Kandi Exquisite Doll, themselves in gowns fresh from Paris, not to be outdone, the dapper studs and fierce femmes of the city showed their keen fashion sense in sailor themed outfits that captured the sexy nautical theme of the party.

Making a cameo appearance to liven up the dance music section was Tamara Peru del Prado who transformed the deck into an NYC ballroom with her signature chanting which had the chil’ren serving face, and body as they chopped, swerved, sashayed, duck walked and suicide dipped much to the amusement of the ladies, many of whom joined in.

The Couture Elements dance troupe then took centre stage as they gave a spirited performance of what has now become the theme song for the Couture Elements crew “Run The World (Girls)” by Queen Bey-yaki La Creola herself, Beyoncé’ Knowles. This added to the excitement and brought energy levels even higher as DJ David took the party to a climax with a dancehall segment that got even the boat staff involved in some acrobatics as they shook legs and shaked booties.

We had anticipated that this event would have been a success given the track record of the promoters and their insistence on stepping outside the box, but this event truly exceeded expectations. Congrats Couture Elements and keep raising the bar!

If you’ve missed this event don’t be disappointed, this summer is filled with LGBT events like you have never seen; to start off our list of this summer of events is…


Express yuh self pan yuh T-shirt – July 16:




Party fans, go out, get a plain white T and express yourself creatively at The LOFT this Saturday as Romeo presents a night called “Mark up t-shirt & Jeans”. That’s right; you are the designer in this fashion-themed party. Come out in your numbers and let’s party like rock stars at The LOFT with music by party animal and mix-master DJ DAVID!!!! It ago MMMAAAWWDDD!!!!

Adm $1000, Party from 10pm-4am


 Hydration – July 29:




The Dash Boys who brought to us uber-fantastic events such as Tokyo Dash and Flight of Fantasy bring yet another event that we anticipate will ultra-epic, if you have attended Tokyo Dash or Flight of Fantasy, then you’ll know what to expect. Hydration is set bring the heat then cool us down on July 29, 2011 in Stony Hill. DJ David is behind the wheels of steel and this is an event you definitely don’t want to miss.


Sea Queens: Tropical Beach Fantasy – A Jamaica LGBT Pride Event – July 31







Sankofa Events, the veteran party promoters and masterminds behind Kingston’s hottest and busiest club The LOFT, present SEA QUEENS: Tropical Beach Fantasy. The name says it all and if their last beach party is anything to go by, this event will be spectacular!

Sea Queens will take place on July 31 at a private rainbow resort on the north coast…uber hot!!! We can’t wait!!!!


Sin City – Chicks & Hicks – August 6:










Indulge in pure sin this independence day in the city of sin. The promoters of Sin City promises pure awesomeness and a party experience like you’ve never seen, with all inclusive drink mixes and catering for VIPs, the location for the city of sin is yet to be disclosed, but, we know that it will be at a secure location in the parish of Kingston. Patrons can experience sin like you’ve never experienced it on August 6, 2011. Yummy!


PINK Reindeer

Changing Nature of the Loft


The eeriness of a Crow Funeral captured

Approximately one month ago, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation had a feature on Crow intelligence. Now for those like myself, who have never spent much time on the Eastern Seaboard of Canada, the Canadian crow is a smaller version of our much beloved JOHNCROW and seemingly belong to the same family.  A snippet from that Feature was the spectacle of a Crow funeral that is when a crow dies, whether from natural causes or otherwise, the family and friends of that dead crow would gather on a tree close by to mourn the passage of same. Indeed many of us who watch scary movies would have seen such a scene that usually accompanies great danger for the movies’ lead.

Juxtapose the freedom and openness within which a Johncrow gets to mourn the passing of its friends and family members with the situation of lower to middle-middle income Jamaican gay men. For the latter group, especially in the case of the Street Boys, there is an absence of a space to mourn the passing of their comrades. Yet so as to not make it seem as if the situation only affects the Street Boys, the analysis is much the same for the middle income Jamaican gay man living in his rented Kingston 6 and Kingston 8 apartment or with his family. Indeed, even in the case of Robert Carr who had a remembrance ceremony on every inhabitable continent, it would appear, if he wasn’t affiliated to institutions such as the Jamaica Aids Support for Life, Caribbean Vulnerable Communities and the University of the West Indies, where would his local remembrance have been held?

In this void steps the Loft and it is in this respect that, that club has transitioned into being a social institution that is

The Loft provides good old Jamaican DEAD YARD Services to an under-served and often hidden population

completely interwoven into the very existence of Rainbow Jamaica. We will recall that Biggy’s 9 Night was held at the Loft and it is possibly the biggest remembrance held at that location, to date. However, it is far from the only one and more important than all the internationally flown in Drag Queens that money can buy, provides a practical mechanism for the delivery of care and support services to the community. In fact, what the Management and Staff of that noble enterprise have done is particularly revolutionary because whereas every other institution fights for the Rights of Community Members when they are alive or deals with the very important realities of managing a local HIV/AIDS epidemic, who else deals with the dignity of the Human Being when they pass on?