Fisherman Think ABOUT FISH!


It has been along time since this publication has had anything to say on anything. Indeed there are those who after reading this may wish we had maintained our recent form of late of just being plain silent. However, whilst we will not respond to recent provocation by members of the local governing party by deliberately outing their own candidates (of which we can confirm three), we will not keep silent any further.

The recent pronouncement by the Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, that her party is willing to engage in a process of review of the island’s outmoded Buggery Law may have gone too far for the consumption of many. However, those who subscribe to this approach are either homophobes themselves or nothing but cowards and craven in their approach to this issue. Unfortunately, we the editors of this publication fall into the latter category. Happily, this is what separates the lady from everyone else engaged in this discourse! She is bold courageous and clearly has more testicular fortitude than most and as such a true leader.

To be clear the People’s National Party has NOT said that as a policy it is committed to repealing Sections 76 & 79 of the Offences Against the Person’s Act. What it has said is that it is open to discussion, the conclusion of which will be a vote in Parliament where the party’s Whip will not be brought out to ensure any voting conformity among orange clad Parliamentarians. That this proposal has brought out the First Jamaica Regiment of homophobes is altogether unsurprising.

What is however, surprising is the attitude of some of the members of the community to question the sincerity of the move as if it really matters and somehow negates the fact that a positive move has occurred. Let us recall that slavery was not abolished because of the then new found morals of the British Empire, but a realization that paying persons for labour was infinitely cheaper than housing, feeding, clothing and whipping them. Thus whether Portia Simpson Miller is merely playing for gay votes or something else sinister, is irrelevant! The real question is what is the next step come the 30th of December, 2011?

We feel at Pink that this decision may cost her the election, but then we have already declared our cowardice and as such; hope that we are wrong and that Jamaicans have matured to look beyond Peeping Tom policies and vote on the serious issues affecting the country. The fact of the matter that must not be missed on the electorate is that this current administration has presided over one of the fastest accumulations in the debt stock in the over 400 year history of this country. Preliminary albeit not final analysis indicates that both Foreign Direct Investment and Local investment in the economy is lower than they were during the heights of the FINSAC debacle. This is by no means an endorsement of the PNP, as they have yet to clearly articulate by what means are they going to Cross IT, but it does highlight the real issues going forward.

In the final analysis we would like to say to the leadership of the Jamaica Labour Party: Businessman think about profit, lawyer think about cases, but FISHERMAN THINK ABOUT FISH.




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