Vicky: Powerful, Beautiful, and Regal. She is a true pioneer


For security purposes, the identity will remain unknown


Vicky is one of two alter egos that live in total harmony and balance within the host person, a very shy and introverted young man. The other ego is Gisselle, she is an extrovert who bluntly speaks her mind but can be tactful when she sees fit.

When asked how the names came about and the purpose behind them, she says there is no purpose behind the name and that a friend named her. Vicky has become more than an alter ego; she is a person who has developed over time, she thrives on entertaining the people around her and is motivated by happiness she brings out of them.

The epitome of fierceness, style and class, she loves to cook and entertain her guests. A philanthropist at heart, she’s committed to help raise the awareness of HIV, AIDs and other STIs including other unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking, drug and alcohol abuse.

Vicky entered the Miss World LGBT 2011 as Miss Jamaica not only to raise the standards of the competition, but to also let her voice be heard for the homeless and otherwise vulnerable within the LGBT community.

She believes that in order to be effective in our efforts to be accepted by society, we must first become ‘ONE’, one heart, one voice, one vision; the fight amongst ourselves will only make the change we wish to see more difficult to accomplish.

Loved by many for her fierce and crazy dance moves, her ability to bring any song to life is a gift; her talent extends beyond dancing into poetry and drama. An activist and a true friend, a true lady and a legend, with grace and class, she is, Queen Victoria.


For security purposes, the identity will remain unknown


2 thoughts on “Vicky: Powerful, Beautiful, and Regal. She is a true pioneer

  1. I thought Miss World LGBT over the past 7years was supposed to be a slew of contestants not one single entrant getting a full expose and the others girlz invisible? are u going to do entries for the other girls and in such a short space of time ? wow talk about open bias …………

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