Tis the season to….Dash out


Fashion Addiction – November 25, 2011

DaShBoyZ & Dexter 3D Pottinger conjure an Epic Night of Fine Fashion & Music. Music by: DJ David!+Guest VJ & DJ Ft. Sexy Models in underwear. Its a Fun Fierce Night! Show Hosted by: MILK. 

Sin City 2: Sin is In – November 26, 2011

They’re back for round 2 with the theme SIN IS IN, ARCO IRIS Promotions will attempt for the second time to deliver the high energy at high altitude uber epic fun they dished out back in August. It is very evident that the team has been working around the clock to ensure that the plane is ready for take off on November 26, dishing out a whole new level of promotion and marketing strategy that we have never seen by other promoters. No word yet as to what surprises are in store for party goers, that’s a closely held secret which if disclosed would be like a black ops agent telling the enemy his trade craft. The count-down has already begun and It’s safe to say that PINK anticipates a whole new party experience that will leave us and party goers wanting more.

Miss World 2011 – November 26, 2011

Macey Balenciaga and Couture Elements present MISS WORLD 2011. This is the 8th staging of this monumental event and this year excitement has reached a fever pitch. We have girls from all over the world competing for the coveted crown and prizes and surprises to blow your mind!

∙̣̇∙̣̇∙̣̇∙̣̣̣̇̇̇∙̣̣̇̇∙̣̇∙ DIQ Sexy Underwear Party ∙∙̣̇∙̣̣̇̇∙̣̣̣̇̇̇∙̣̇∙̣̇∙̣̇  – November 26, 2011

On November 26th Get It Together Store presents a party experience like no other. Stemming from its successful, signature underwear line comes….DIQ Sexy Underwear Party. No pants, shorts, or women’s underwear allowed! Underwear police in full force! Wonderful never before used villa venue with swimming pool and and garden hideaways, Invitation Only! RSVP for tickets and location! Cash bar at venue!

Clean N’ Trendy 2 – December 2, 2011

Clean N’ Trendy 2 will rock the warehouse on December 2 with a DJ competition between 2 of the fiercest dancehall DJs on the rock! This is an authentic street dance kinda vibe so expect nice vibes and wicked tunes!


Club Heavens Re-opening – December 3, 2011 

 Club Heavens is back! Join us as on December 2 we welcome the re-opening of this fantabulous north coast LGBT club! This is the stuff of legends! Be there!


Santa’s List: Black Ties and Posh Frocks – December 25, 2011

I want to be on the naughty list this year, because all the naughty boys and gals have their tailors and seamstresses on speed dial for a night of grand entrances, black ties and posh frocks. Let your creativity fly and be the belle of the ball at Magic Mountain. There’s no doubt that these veterans are going to make memories Christmas night and I’m sure the fabulous outfits will paint the sky in every colour of the rainbow. Magic Mountain will be the zenith of all things fabulous. You better be there. Special performance by Alexandria Love.

Red: Fire & Ice Edition – December 17, 2011

Taste The Rainbow Promotions present an event called Red: Fire & Ice Edition. The name says it all, hot like fire entertainment and ice to cool you down after all that heat, set to commence on December 19 where studs wear white, femmes red and males red and black.


Epic Fashion Ball 

Tamara Peru Del Prado hosts Epic Fashion Ball this New Year’s Eve. It is a fashion show showcasing his original designs as well as others from the vibrant LGBT fashion design scene. Performance by D’Angel at the epic after party! What a way to ring in the New Year! Haute Couture and Hot boys!

We are still waiting to confirm if We Welcome Fierceness or Fierce & Co. will claim the New Year’s Eve slot to host their annual New Year’s Eve bash for the Elite and the Ravers.


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