Home Eviction Turns Deadly! Gay Man Kills attacker forces another to Flee!


Montego Bay, St. James

Reports reaching the Pink Report are that a community member is nursing severe chop wounds at a St. James Hospital after successfully fending off two attackers who had visited his rented premises to enforce an illegal eviction order. The attackers were lead by the female landlord who wanted the man off the premises because of his alleged homosexuality. Up to the time of publication there is no indication that any monies are outstanding in respect of rent, maintenance or public utilities.

The report notes that on the afternoon of Wednesday the 19th October, 2 men lead by a female landlord attempted to evict the man who was living at a premises in the parish of St. James with another man. A struggle ensued in which knives/machetes were brought into play. The man being attacked was, however, successfully able to defend himself killing one attacker in the process and forcing the other to flee.

The St. James Police are currently investigating the circumstances but have preliminarily ruled it a case of self-defense.


3 thoughts on “Home Eviction Turns Deadly! Gay Man Kills attacker forces another to Flee!

  1. I am so glad the LTGB community are standing up for themselves, good for them it was self defense and they should be left alone or give them refuge in one of these country and leave Jamaica to is struggles.

  2. It is just unfortunate that he is left with wounds to nurse. It shouldve have been a case where both his attackers were killed in self-defense!! It upsets me when people who try to live their lives peacefully are always being the victims of such incidents!! Cudos to you my friend… Hope you get well soon!!!

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