Hot List Cont’d


21 days have passed since we published the bottom half of our Hot List, and the time has come to reveal the remaining portion. This experience has been an eye-opening one for us because we at Pink have always felt that beauty is like great art, You have to see it to appreciate it. However, what is also clear is that notions of Ugly, Cute and Hot are wrapped up in hardened stereotypical philosophies that ultimately channel us into a particular type of thinking. More on that Anon!

We use this juncture to remind our readers that: as admirers of beauty, this is not the Principal’s Office nor is it the Deans’ of Discipline for that matter. As such in this our 2011 Summer Hot List Edition we will not be handing out demerits for bad behaviour (in fact, in our estimation a little naughty is a good thing!). Further, we will not pander to those who would want us to intellectualize this experience by trying to develop objective criteria to assess beauty, nor will we go down the route of developing weights and measures. Rather we will take the high ground and follow the time honoured carnal tradition of letting our “other head” do the thinking, it has served us well over the years and in fact our only criterion for selection is identifying the hottest bodies on the beach this year.

5. Ashlee Kardashian: This tranny has transformed herself into somewhat of a Diva extraordinaire, with her high fashion sense, beautifully applied make up and legendary “Ball Room Floor Flexibility”. It is no secret that this beauty has come a long way from a boy that dresses in female apparel to a work of art that can possibly be described as the living embodiment of a Renoir.

4. Pursey: Be ye careful of how you judge this one for he has all the charms of a seductress but with the mental toughness of a Russian steel and ironworks factory to back it up. He is well known on the Lyme circuit for his Uptown wine and head on shoulder habit when speaking to you, which it seems is designed to either show        the gracefulness of his neck, a method of communicating “look at me Am I not  just the sweetest thing you have ever seen” or both.

3.Reemy: Not much is really known of this fellow except that he is simply gorgeous, extremely quiet and lives and work in Montego Bay though apparently from the St. Ann, Ocho Rios area. He has a distinctly Moroccan/ North African look as such we would warn you to expect some delays if you plan to include him in any foreign travel plans. The truth is if hotness is a gift he got it by the bucket loads but if it’s even possible his humility does make him that the more sexy.

2.Foodie: Now if you look at the nick name, chances are you have figured out who it is ( and no the name is not indicative that the is a hungry bellied wanga gut). However, in case you haven’t guessed correctly, he is a doctor to be that is now majoring in the gym. He is a testament to the fact that beauty and brains can     come in one package.

1. Dr. Bojangles: If Foodie is a combination of Beauty and Brains then this one is a combo package of same plus personality, professionalism and genteelism. This is a fellow with a completely Jamaican upper crust educational background (the highest to boot) but lacks the airs and pomposity of his peers. He is known to be fiercely loyal to his friends and acts as a mentor/ big brother to many. Personality aside, a love affair with running and the gym has blessed him with a slimusuclar body and excessive consumption of H2O with extremely beautiful skin.

In the final analysis our concepts of beauty and preferences are shaped by our socialization and our experiences. Where we get worried is when over pre-occupation with snatching and bedding the perfect mate leads us to make irrational decisions. One study done in 2007 among Jamaican Men who have sex with Men shows that while there was a universality of knowledge among respondents about: condom use, HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections, many would still forego condom use if the HOT GUY demands it as a pre-condition to sex. This is more than just serious appreciation of fineries, it may very well be indicative that we are pathologically self-destructive with an over-dose of low self-esteem.




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