Sin City: The Devil Does Wear Prada



Writing this review, was possibly the hardest for us here at Pink ironically because there wasn’t that much if anything to criticize. Coming from the last review

Sin City

of Hydration, the Report was accused of being caustic, harsh and of course destructive. As such the major concern for us going forward was how to maintain our reputation for all of the above. Alas Sin City defied expectation and delivered Eight (8) continuous hours of non-stop fun that no one who was there can honestly say I Can’t Recall. Indeed the event was more than just a party; it was A Grand Experience in communal living and fraternity, at the end of which no one could be faulted for wishing that the vibes, energy and tone of the event could be a model of how community members should and could interact with each other. However, the reality is that like Christmas these things only come once per time period!

The Marketing Campaign

Kudos must be given to the event organizers for a marketing campaign that was beyond ordinary. Yes there were the usual promotions on Facebook, handing out of fliers and the obligatory attendance at parties and other events to ensure maximum coverage and exposure for the event. Where they went even further was that their Facebook and Blackberry campaign included trivia that was relevant, interesting and funny. As such they managed to integrate the party (beyond its usual limits of being an entertainment space) into areas of Human Rights and general education as well as basic information sharing.

The pricing strategy, much like Hydration was slightly confusing! At J$2,000 the sticker price was close to that of a New Year’s party without even a complimentary drink. We will not speak of the shock, horror and hair raising scare of seeing a J$4,000 VIP price for a LGBT party in KINGSTON at an established night club location, it was as if Halloween came early.However, (refocusing on the J$2,000 sticker price) the promoters extended a 40% discount to members of Yardieboys, Discrimination and Human Rights Facebook Groups as well as the Oasis Members. This action, whilst it brought the effective price tag closer to economic reality,was generous in the extreme- especially when coupled with the other Giveaways that occurred. It makes us wonder what really goes into the development of the business models for these parties.

One other area of weakness that we found in the marketing of the event was the use of the actual name of the location on the flyers. The Pink team felt that whilst the flyers were distributed within LGBT circles and utilising private Facebook groups, the risk of leakage remained and remains present and as such due consideration must be placed on maintaining the veil of secrecy. As such more effort should be placed on coding the location as currently occurs with the infamous “Boardfloor” venue, even more so when the location used is already a popular venue for hosting of general events.

The Venue

This group of individuals possibly had the easiest venue to work with, precisely because it already is a night club. As a consequence, a properly designed bar, dance and bathroom area came standardized. Indeed, if one is to be fair to the promoters of Hydration; whereas their selection of a warehouse meant they had to put far more effort in transforming what really is a drab, dreary building into an exciting and enticing party space, the promoters of Sin City had no such work to do.

Having said that, we are glad the Sin City Promoters resisted the temptation to do anything beyond the white and transparent drapery that was applied to the space. For those who missed the event, think of the images we see of a South Beach party, subtract the hi-tech party lights and that was precisely what was presented. The only thing that could have made the utilization of this space any better was if the promoters had insisted on an All White dress code.

The Bar Area

Initially we were slightly disappointed by the drinks selection or rather lack thereof. In fact a high school canteen would probably have had more to choose from. However, there was an approximate 60:40 ratio of men to women with approximately 98% of attendees being 30 and under. The operative assessment being the large under 30 composition of the crowd! As a consequence, there really isn’t any need to stray beyond the Smirnoffs, Appletons and Cranberry Juices of the Drinks World as such the promoters should be congratulated for their business acumen in this regard.

The Party

As we indicated above, Sin City was more than just a party, it was a social experience and this was because everyone was genuinely happy to be there. The obvious pretense at pretension which has dogged so many other community social gatherings was absent from this event. Drag Queens; Cup Cake Crew; Uptowners; Butch, Girly and Versatile girls; and the LGBT Civil Service Members all mingled and meshed in what can only be described as the ultimate celebration of independence and togetherness.

To describe the Dee-Jays as being on point is to miss the true artistry of what was on display. It wasn’t just that hit after hit was played but they dug deep into their historical collection and pulled out songs from yesteryear and if that wasn’t enough to tantalize our senses with, they then showed their mastery of the genres by pulling out songs from outside of the general North American and current Dancehall framework that has become easy, tired and boring! To illustrate how good the selection was, even the Going Home Music had persons turning from the door to hit the dance floor again. It was so bad that the Dee-jays had to abandon the strategy of playing slow music to literally ask persons to leave.

In Conclusion

Our readers must sometimes be reminded that critics are like vultures, they merely feed on the carcass of other people’s work. At the end of the day the real work of worth is not the criticism, which may be funny and good for some bitter humour, but the work of the respective producer in delivering a product.

Yet as vultures critics are consumers and like that animal they know when to avoid a body that is diseased. So at the end of the day, the service we provide is honest feedback with no attempt or intention to malice or malign.

Having said all of that, Sin City was a great experience and it was good to see Prezzi taking out his first lady “the Dancer chile.” Many patrons quietly commented that it was great to see JFLAG’s No.2 at an event in Jamaica. However, the night belong to Ashley Kardashian who exuded hotness from her well-manicured looking eyebrows to her TOE-Point. For the ladies one girl commented that Nurse, she just HOT, she could have worn her birthday suit and she would still just be hot, in fact is that she should have worn!”

Pink-o-Meter Reading: 9.5/10 (4.5 stars)

Club Dee-Jays: Kool, Howie & David (guest)


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