Mirror Mirror on the Wall!!


Real Chiles depicted as the face of the Gay Community


In the Grimms Brothers infamous German fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a Queen asked her magic mirror “who is the fairest of them all?.” Now quite apart from the irony of using the term Queen in a gay publication, the gay community globally and locally is in a position similar to that Queen, the only difference being that instead of asking who is the fairest we have queried Who is the “Fairiest (Gayest) of them all?”

If one were to scour the profiles on gay social networking sites or have a focus group discussion with gay men across all classes and age groups the consensus position would probably be that the answer to the question above is: those individuals who are effeminate drag queens. Indeed the definition and sole purpose of the community saying “Da Chile deh Real EEEE!” is to point out the effeminacy in a person. Furthermore, drag queens and cross dressers have had to band together in a Crew of sorts; precisely because they have been rejected and ostracized by the wider gay community for being well OUT AND BAD! Thus is it all too surprising or abominable that the Jamaica Observer has chosen this group of persons as the representative face of homosexuality?

Indeed let us attempt to “Trod” a path of analysis and logical deduction, even though one will admit that this publication is often guilty of faulty logic and downright impaired analysis. If it is that the community has determined that effeminacy, and cross dressing are the highest determinants in being accorded the status of REAL, whereas hyper masculinity topped off by middle class values somehow improves worth and shelters one from being “outed” then it would be safe to say that the community from its own internalizations and assessment has determined that fellows that look anything like the ones editorialized by the Observer are the Gayest of them all! Then how much different is the community’s idea and identification of a REAL GAY MAN any different than the Observer’s own?

In the final analysis the argument really turns on concepts of representative and representation. To this we ask a simple question of you our readers: If not the effeminate drag queen, who is more representative. Note the words carefully because if one posits a group as being equally representative then the Observer can pick from its equals and if one identifies a group that is unrepresentative but aspirational then one is lying to oneself.



One thought on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall!!

  1. what you have said is so true….We as sports tend to hide behind the curtain and claim the we dont want to associate with the real ones but in reality we dig them friendship and their sexual connotations and connections that we even forget their reality.

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