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It has been awhile since we have posted anything on Pink, so long that one must admit that there was some difficulty remembering the username and password to log into the wordpress backend to the blog site. However, once we got in: the statistics on the visitor numbers both surprised us and humbled us. For the month of May in which the editorial team made no posting,the blog site had over 700 unique hits and for June the traffic is running close to 500. That there has been fall off is indisputable but it is nowhere close to what we at the editorial department thought or expected.

We must apologize to you our loyal readers that we have not been able to cover major events such as the J-FLAG stand at Little Theater just last week or the nuclear disaster that was the Pink A List party in late May.

What is Pink?

As you all may be aware, the Pink Report is in the process of moving to its own website or home on the World Wide Web. Such a move has had to force us to take a step back and take a surgical look at our Vision, Mission and Mandate but also equally importantly, assess how these fit squarely with those of our partners at the Grata Foundation. There is no point in trying to fit square pegs in round holes.

At the close of this highly therapeutic session it was recognized that; the Pink Report had grown beyond the musings of an inarticulate dunce of a man and his band of social misfits and miscreant friends. Indeed the publication provides an opportunity for there to be a narrative of the LGBT community in the 21st century in Jamaica and the Wider Caribbean, a narrative which is composed by community members and not on behalf of the said community. From our vista this story or narration should be alive, and follow-able and not some Hitlerite Declaration of existence.

In this regard, the Report provides the platform such that:

  1. The Activist and the Human Rights Advocate can communicate directly to his client about the issues, the laws that affect them, and in turn hear from the community about the struggles related to everyday mundane matters;
  2. The Corporate Attorney whose technical skill set is not in Human Rights Law can write articles about navigating complex legal matters such as purchasing a home, setting up a business
  3. The Banker who enjoys home repairs can now speak about “FABBING UP” ones home or apartment on a budget
  4. The sex worker can share his/her tales of life on the street or other place of work
  5. Through our online classifieds, any member of the community can find places to rent, things to buy, employment opportunities etc.

The list is not exhaustive but the purpose is to illustrate the possibilities of us telling the world, albeit through the safety of nicknames and pennames, our story our own way.

The Future of Pink                                                                                                                                                                         

Pink through a process over the coming weeks will be gradually opening up the site such that any member of the community that wishes to write, shoot a video, paint a picture will be provided an access key to share said works with the community. This process has begun with this posting and will continue with re-launching the main site.

Stories we are currently working on include the Belize litigation process regarding the decriminalization of Buggery in that country and how one Transgender woman in Jamaica got her birth certificate and drivers license changed to reflect her new status as a woman. You can also begin to follow us on Twitter at Pinkreportja.

We welcome everyone back to Pink and hope that you will all join us on this journey



2 thoughts on “Pink Engagement

  1. Well said…can’t wait…however, be sure to include the name of the DJ for any event that you guys are covering ok…

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