Tokyo Dash: A Seismic Success


Patrons at the recently held Tokyo Dash were asked to come out in their best Harajuku inspired outfits

Almost a full week after the party “Circle Promotion’s” Tokyo Dash, tongues in the community are still wagging about the tremendous success of the party. Indeed it would appear that such was the good vibes at the event that patrons are insisting that a whole new category of good be developed to describe the Good Friday night affair. We here at Pink will, by custom, be far more sedate in our assessment and state that it was indeed A Good Friday Night Affair!

For those of us in our late 20s and early 30s (of course with some exceptions), the Circle Marquee holds a special place in our hearts, precisely because this is the group that defined our early 20s. Back in the 2000s persons could be forgiven if they thought that it was this group that invented Halloween or at least were the first to bring the theme to the local party circuit. However, such was the organizational strength of the Promotion House back then that they became a sort of semi-precious stone standard of what a good time was all about. Whilst over the decade, that this group has been about, there have been some personnel changes and parties of recent vintage have been below there usual standard, with Tokyo Dash it seems the little Princesses are now fully grown Queens. Long may they reign!

The truth is, based on the Twitter and Facebook comment threads and respondents to our poll question, Tokyo Dash was so good it nearly threathened to upstage Beach J’ouvert as the Community Event of the Easter Weekend. In fact Beach J’ouvert may have only beat it out precisely because it was the best staging for a long time. Further, considering the size of the respective budgets and ticket costs, Tokyo Dash may have certainly been the smarter choice fiscally.

Beach J’ouvert

It has often been said that this event along with Carnival Road March is nothing but a Gay Pride Parade in the closet. However, the intense world class Voguing; the bright Pink (or was it Fushia) underwear worn by Lady Sellville; the Lesbian love shacks and the gang of male bodies with only a peppering of females reduced the closet to a stage prop of questionable significance. For those who argue about homophobia, intolerance and discrimination towards LGBTI folk Carnival and J’ouvert in particular (including the Kingston events this week Friday) are a study in the ability of Jamaicans to be tolerant.

Other Matters

For the Pink family, this event afforded us an opportunity to begin testing the waters with delivering our customer feedback surveys. The purpose of these surveys is to give you, the party consuming public the opportunity to speak your mind, tell it like it is and still keep your privacy.

Whilst responses to this poll were particularly low, respondents were unanimous in giving their approval to this event. Notably only one Deggeh Deggeh Soul felt that the event was only worth the cover charge.



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