Travel Log: Bangkok Confidential 1 – Chronic Super Jetlag


Thai Ladies

This begins the chronicling of my amazing time in Bangkok. Its long overdue but due to chronic paap dung jetlag I dis find miself passed out 3 days after landing.

So when last were you told it is safe for even ladies to walk around past the devil’s bedtime alone? That is Bangkok for you, a city of 13 million people (most of whom I tower over by a foot or two) who exist lovingly and peacefully in an advanced Asian civilization where one clasps hands and bow for every greeting. I am yet to learn the words of the greetings, but in time I am sure I will.

Unfortunately, I will not see most of Thailand. The country has a population of 63 million people spread over198,115 sq mi. Chances are I will only get to see about 15-20 of those square miles , however, I give thanks for what I will see here. Every encounter thus far has been pleasantly garnished by a humble and welcoming smile topped off with a genuflect.

Local products and services are very cheap. A good dinner will run you US$3 – US$8 (J$255- J$675), taxi US$3 (J$255) for a long enough trip and good hotels US$40 -US$80 (J$3400-J$6725) US. Not bad at all. Labour is clearly cheap and 5 star luxuries in Jamaica are just regular undertakings here. For example, you will have someone to take your bags with a smile (for all you customer service persons please take notes), someone to give you a foot massage while you eat, someone to escort you to that shop you can’t find.

The ingenuity of the people knows no bounds and they have packaged and combined a service for everything. You can stand on the street and get a suit made and have it i.e. collect it later the same day. While I don’t plan to make a suite, I will be buying lots of fabric, especially silk, the best in the world.

With the time I have I will go walk a street every night, pack in 1 visit to the disco, 4 massages (a must do here as there are traditional Thai massage shops like we have rum bars) 3 tours and of course exotic dinners every night.

So until next time walk good.

The Lord Ambassador


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