A Valentines Gift


I was in the shower at 2:30am playing with my thoughts and this stands out…How do you truly know when you love someone?

Tonnes of persons confuse infatuation with love, then fall for someone. When they finally realise that they’re unhappy it’s too late and trust me when I tell you, I know the feeling…it’s messed up. But the question was still lingering in my head and I remembered something my uncle had said to me some years ago, age 18 years to be exact, and he said “You love someone because you have to, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you like them”.

Ever since I’ve heard those words, I’ve looked at love, life and people from a different perspective, and I just couldn’t understand what he meant by it, each time someone mention the words ‘ I LOVE YOU’ I question if they love me for me or because they have to. Well, the question answered itself on those occasions, and I’ll give you a hint…I’m still single.

For years I’ve been trying to find the answer to what I’ve been told on my 18th birthday, and I’ve finally found the answer….I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the answer…

You can tell someone you love them, but you don’t like them, in the sense that you don’t like being around them, you tell them so that they feel special. You love your family because you have to, it’s compulsory, but you don’t like to be around them. When you truly love someone your heart stops beating when that person enters the room, you can’t sleep without hearing their voice to send you off to bed at nights, they’re the first person you want to talk to when you wake up, you can’t wait for them to call or send you a text, if you’re having a bad day that’s the only person in the world besides your real friends  that can make it better, the words of a soft and calm ‘I love you’ resonates your body and penetrates your heart, you don’t get butterflies in your tummy, you get lost for words, you get nervous with sweaty hands, body filled with joy and happiness  trying to find those words to express how you feel, but guess what? You can’t, when that person touches you and looks into your eyes, everything you want to say is expressed through them, they know what you’re going to say before you even mention it, they know when something is wrong, even if they’re far away, they know how you think, talk, walk and feel, they know your likes and dislikes, basically they know every fiber of your being and existence; that’s how you know when you’re in love with someone and vice versa.

So the next time you feel the need to tell someone you love them, ask yourself if you’re in love with them why you’re telling them you love them, or are you telling them because you want them to feel special, because if that’s the case, just say I like you. Something to think about… and if you’ve been hurt because of a false statement, or by someone who failed to tell you their real feelings and you got hurt, just remember, time heal all wounds, everything happens for a reason, sometimes its real and sometimes it isn’t. Later down you’ll see that person and it will be like whatever, you’ve moved on or you probably be asking yourself “what the hell was I thinking”….LOL


PINK Reindeer

Every Beat of My Heart


One thought on “A Valentines Gift

  1. in as much as I want to believe what you are writing i beg to differ. I am not saying that i haven’t experienced the infatuation that you are describing but when there is love, you are cut open raw, so the steaming beauty of emotions are shown. so this acting like a delirious fool is constantly done. No stopping.
    Yes I agree, you don’t carelessly go around leaving ‘I love you’s’ about the place but just like you pointed out,(same mistake we make with friends versus acquaintance) there are different levels of loves and its sad that St. Valentine’s Day is the only time we choose to outwardly show this love. I bet if it wasn’t St. Valentine’s Day you would not think about love? Hence why love and being love is a passionate worker!
    So I say all of this to say that True love begins with self. a Selfless appreciation for you! if you cant love you, how the hell can you love somebody else.

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