Call for Online HIV/AIDS Peer Educators


¡Living Out Loud! an innovative internet intervention by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth is seeking applications for six online peer educators for the year March 2011 to February 2012.

¡Living Out Loud! peer educators will share information with their peers through an online platform about, HIV/AIDS transmission, treatment and care, sexual orientation, gender identity, human rights, sexual and reproductive health, coming out, to name a few.

¡Living Out Loud! is an internet intervention that will be delivered through a website created for and by LGBT youth to share information with their peers about sexual orientation, gender identity, human rights, sexual reproductive health, coming out, etc. ¡Living Out Loud! will convene a team of young peer supporters to answer questions and provide information about HIV, safer sex practices, promote access and utilization of services, and encourage HIV testing, counseling, care and treatment services for the community.


¡Living Out Loud! seeks to:

  1. Empower LGBT youth between 15-29 years by training at least six online peer educators who will answer and provide information that will help to safeguard their peers sexual and reproductive health and rights, and
  2. Reach at least 50 LGBT youth per month with health and human rights information and skills.


To provide an online peer education program, where young, highly trained and diverse LGBT peer educators answer questions and provide support and referral for their peers who are in need of information, support and services around issues related to sexuality and gender identity.

Requirements of the Peer Educator:

  1. Must be a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered person
  2. Must be between the ages of 18-26 years
  3. Must have a computer/laptop with regular internet access
  4. Must have at least three CXC passes, including English Language
  5. Must be able to commit at least 5 hours per week
  6. Peer educators will also be given a monthly stipend  of US$80  for their voluntary work.

All applications must be submitted by Friday, February 18, 2011 at 3PM to Corbin Gordon, Project Manager, Living Out Loud at or 978 8988.More information including application form is attached

LOL Call for Peer Educators

LOL Application Form


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