Part-time Research Assistant Wanted


The ideal candidate is a graduate student at the Master’s or Doctor of Philosophy level in sociology or related fields with an understanding of Political Process Theory, Resource Mobilization Theory, Organizational Sociology and/or Field Theory. Only open-minded and motivated individuals need apply for this post. Kindly email at least one example of an essay you have done, and provide email and telephone contacts for your present graduate work supervisor.

Tasks are on an ad hoc basis, and may include the following:

  • Literature review, retrieving articles and being involved in shaping the project concept from the start
  • Summarizing research publications for a general audience, as well as creating briefs and content adaptation for an online study module platform
  • Liaising with key personnel from community groups/ non-governmental organizations involved in collaborative research projects and interventions
  • An energetic postgraduate candidate is preferred as access to resource persons such as academic supervisors may provide invaluable insight and constructive critique for literature review, study conceptualization and data interpretation.
  • Data entry
  • Field interviews
  • Remuneration will generally be on a per task/ project basis, except for field interviews which have a fixed payment of JA$1,500 per interview.

For further information regarding this post please email


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