Council: A Party with a Purpose


Ever since Pink begun issuing party reviews one year ago, we have always maintained that private lymes were out of bounds for us. The rational behind this position is quite simple, namely that a private lyme needs no public comment and any such comment good or bad would not only be rude but ungracious to the respective host. The Council New Year’s Eve event was neither a lyme nor a private event in the strictest sense and as such it is open for review, however, we have elected not to review it at least for this year.

The reason for this media blackout is the fact that the events put on by this group of elder statesmen have not been about for profit enterprises. Theirs have always been about service and about giving back silently and effectively. Indeed we are aware that for one local charity their NYE event represents a major source of domestic support, not necessarily for the size of the donation but the substance of the support!

To put things in proper perspective we at Pink have not developed a formula to treat with not for profit undertakings. In particular any comment we should make about things that are absent, has to be countered by the fact that the extra expenditure may very well reduce the support to the charity. In other words we may end up loosing sight of the big picture.

The only comment we will make on this event is that Council members should consider outsourcing the management of this event to professional promoters and select a different date. The first proposal would allow for greater numbers of persons to become apart of the give back as it were and thus increase the community’s charitable giving. The second proposal would allow for a date that the Council could monopolize and all other promoters respectfully avoid.

Having said all of that, the general comments we have heard from those in attendance were that; it was a good party with exceptionally good music and a sensationally good looking bartender!



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