Goodbye 2010


2010 for some was simply an Annus Horribilis ( Bad Year) whilst for others an Annus Mirabilis (Good Year), but in the final analysis it comes to a close in a matter of hours. In our final posting for the year we have elected to focus attention on the battles, many internal that we must fight for 2010 and beyond and wish everyone a safe and productive 2011.

Please note the following is taken from the Facebook posting of a dear friend and whilst it reflects the views  of PINK and has been edited, it is not our words:

**Everything I say is clearly my own opinions. I stake no claim(s) to any affiliation(s). Any misleading, inappropriate or erroneous facts are my fault. However all attempts are made to verify any information given.**

Throughout the middle of last week, for five (5) days between Tuesday and Saturday, I was inspired to write something and couldn’t stop thinking about it. It brought me to deliberately post some fantasy-fiction battle scenes on FaceBook based on some of those thoughts. Of course, they were mostly from one of my favourite movies— The Lord of the Rings Trilogy [based off the book The Lord Of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien].

Battle For Greatness

The humble wizard, Gandalf the Grey both wise and learned was to come upon his deepest betrayal. On seeking counsel with his mentor Saruman, he would realize that his elder had sided with the dark enemy, Sauron. That lead him through near death and further contests of magic with Saruman which culminated in the battle against Balrog in Moria.

This beast of shadow and fire, a demon of old, was tall and powerfully deadly. Gandalf had knowledge of it and must have feared the inevitable confrontation but was bold enough to stand at the bridge and fight to allow the other members of the Fellowship of the Ring to continue on their path. After the long battle, he was to become transformed into Gandalf the White, a greater and more powerful wizard.

Not everyone who saw this scene may have seen the significance of it. However, many times in life we will encounter situations when bad things will threaten to befall a friendship, a family, a community or even a country. However, if anyone can be brave enough to make that crucial stand to fight the enemy [in whatever form], their actions will create a greatness in them and more importantly benefit everyone else.

Battle Of Trust

King Theodin of Rohan, saved from the evil spell of Saruman, by Gandalf the White was to enter his most testing battle yet. He stood on the mountaintop with his army, as the leagues of orcs and other vile beasts attacked the city of Minas Tirith. He knew that he would fail his troops if he couldn’t encourage them and press them forward to fight the enemy. He did manage to rouse a tremendous vigour. His self-confidence fused into their own spirits and they themselves became empowered to do what they must. As the sun rose behind them the riders dashed forward and fought tooth and nail.

The need for encouragement from others can NEVER be underestimated. Often times we may think we face an overwhelming task, a burden too heavy to bear but it is that urge and positive energy from those around us that may take us through that rough patch. Yes, we trusted our friends to entice us into action but that trust was really for us to do something that we must.

Battle Of Determination

At the Battle Of Helms Deep, it seemed the enemy would overrun the final barriers and continue to plunder and kill until there was not a soul left. King Theodin looked on in despair as he feared for his people.

Theodin: “So much death! What can men do against such reckless hate?”

Aragorn: “Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.”

Aragorn, who was to become the next King for Middle Earth, remembered right at that moment a promise made to him by Gandalf [the White]. “Look for me on dawn’s light on the third day.” Gandalf was to regroup many of the scattered riders from the City of Rohan to come and aid in the battle. We don’t get the story of how he did this but Aragorn trusted enough to know he could depend on him to keep his word.

We should all note that,  it is our determination to fight the enemy at all costs that will make others realize who the real enemy is. Yes, Gandalf [the White] kept his word but if King Theodin, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and the many other men and elves had not seen the importance of what they were fighting for then: the soldiers and people of Rohan and others may not have either.

Battle Of the Mind

Aragorn would encounter his first major test after he was given the remade blade of his ancestor who had broken it while defeating Sauron. He bravely went through the Path Of Death to meet the ghosts of a dead army that had been cursed to a living dead because of disloyalty. He needed them to help in the battle for the city of Minas Tirith.

Though the words of the Ghostly army leader “The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it. They way is shut. Now you must die!” is extremely chilling, Aragorn did not flinch but prepared to meet his destiny;

“You have my word. Fight and I will release you from this living dead. What say you?!”

It is more astounding because Aragorn knew it was in his power to command them. There was no bravado there. He had finally realized what his true purpose was. After years of wandering as a Ranger and being considered an excellent tracker and “Strider” but not seen as royalty, he finally took his bloodline with grave seriousness. He was a leader, in fact, he was the true King of Middle Earth.

The lesson here is that our path might lead us astray and cause us to even meet upon ghosts; but if we stay true to who we really are, nothing but death can stop us from achieving. Our destiny lies in our realization that we were great all along.

The Battle of Battles

A war is never won in a day but over a period of time through many smaller battles. Over the history of time on Earth there have been many types of wars and reasons behind them. However, the one we must fight is not for jobs, land, money or titles but to overcome evil. But how do we fight evil?

On December 10, 2010, I made this statement on FaceBook:

My thoughts process my words, impact my actions affect my surrounding environment and everyone else’s actions which refocus my own thoughts again. The world is so interconnected. Try and think positively and it may be the start of a change in other people’s thoughts, words and actions.

I’ve seen and realized for myself the essential truth in this statement. I’ve seen and realized for myself that whatever we do will impact someone else’s life. And no matter how small the impact, it will create a ripple effect that will impact the world over. Our thought processes impacting others’ thought processes is not a New Aged philosophy. Nor is it my way of saying everyone on Earth has some innate ESP [Extra-sensory Peception]. It just highlights how close the world has become mostly aided by modern technology. The core of our beings can cause an impression on others. Why not make it a positive impression so that others can become positive too?


I came across the following Bible verse recently: Psalms Chapter 118: verse 17

“I shall not die, but LIVE, and declare the works of the Lord,”

As a religious and spiritual person, everything I do I try to factor in if it impacts others the way the Lord would want it to. You may not believe in God but at least attempt to realize that everything you do not only affects yourself.

Selah & Good Year


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