Two words, PURE AWESOMENESS!!!! As PINK!!! Anticipated, SANKOFA Events delivered on their promises to give patrons the ultimate Christmas/Boxing Day extravaganza, much extravagant than last year’s considering that the birth place of Santa’s List was much bigger than the LOFT.

The creative concept on decorating the venue was pure genius, the use of pieces of cotton to decorate the floor to portray the UV light was a creative gesture, it was evident that one section of the LOFT portrayed a Pure/Plush setting which is intended for the ‘nice’ list, while the other section was a euro underground club setting which is to say it’s for the ‘naughty’ list.

From the beginning to the end DJs rocked the house with different genres of music which had the club hyped and was begging for more, there were instances where it felt as though I was in a dancehall setting, which is an addition to the fun wheel considering that it was my queue to do as my good friend Enya calls it “dash out and heng up mi bady”. A member of the PINK!! Team was seen commanding the attention of the dance floor showing the children how work and taking charge of the girls.

Excluding few minor technical issues with the music that had patrons causing an up roar about the lack of proper maintenance of the sound systems, and the constant turning on of the lights to use as a spotlight, it was evident that no one in the LOFT was Nice…Santa; the list is filled with naughty children this year I told a fellow patron.

The promoters of SANKOFA Events earned their title as the Undisputed Christmas/Boxing Day promoters of the year and were given congratulations fully supported by PINK!!! And we anticipate that next year will even be more extravagant than the previous years.


  1. To reduce health risk the management of The LOFT needs to invest in proper ventilation and more fans or air conditions unites.
  2. Invest in decorating the roof and use it as a chill zone
  3. Enforce the NO SMOKING rules, or block off an area with drapes and call it the smoking area, patrons could hardly breathe in the club
  4. Invest in proper sound and electrical equipments to avoid electrical shortage, fire hazards and lack of music that will leave patrons restless
  5. Place at least three (3) lights over the bar so that the bar tenders be able to see properly
  6. Reduce the use of the heat lamps as spotlights; they generate way too much heat.


  1. J-FLAG’s top boss and leader of the rebellion against sexual discrimination and the fight for human rights Dane “ Cabinet Secretary” Lewis and his friendly date for the evening;
  2. Fellow colleague of the rebellion against sexual and HIV/AIDS discrimination, the fight for human rights and the mother for all at Jamaica AIDS support for life The Grand High Queen with her dark chocolate coloured partner ;
  3. Mrs. Clause in her cute little Santa top but a fashion road kill bottom; looking stunning as always with her partner former Executive Director of the fight against sexual and HIV/AIDS discrimination and Director of Couture Elements;
  4. Blogger and Queen DJ of the north DJ Howie;
  5. Socialites and members of the UPT group Fierce and Co.;
  6. UPT Socialite, A-Lister and Member of the PINK!!! Reportthe Altar Boy;
  7. Certified Diva Enya;
  8. Certified Divas of the North Masy Gray & Kookie;
  9. The cute Dancer Boy with the hazel eyes;
  10. Multi talented and attorney-at-law in the making the Traveler;
  11. SANKOFA Events promoter Euriel Andres strutting his stuff and working the dance floor.

The PINK!!! Reindeer


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