7 Questions for New Years EVE: Interview with F.A.C.E.


What is the name of your event?


Describe the location and setting for this event

When our guests arrive, they will be pleasantly surprised to see how such a familiar venue will be transformed from a pumpkin, magically into the silver chariot to whisk them into 2011! Enjoy the evening under the stars right in the heart of Kingston’s Golden Triangle at what promises to be the best decorated rainbow event of the year! Come and dance the night away on our on of a kind GLITTERED Dance floor to some of the hottest songs of this year and the years gone by. The infamous Rainbow Lounge has undergone a transformation of its very own and is sure to get a lot attention! Even more so than last year! For those concerned about safety security. We will have our guards on hand protecting us and your vehicles.

How much will it cost?

Tickets cost 2500 before Christmas and $3000 after

Is it Invitation only or open

This is an invitation only event, There are only limited tickets available and tickets WILL NOT be sold at the gate!

So why should anyone come to your party?

Starbursts Promises to be the premier event this new years eve.

The F.A.C.E. Crew has been busy at work pulling out all the stops to ensure our guest leave 2010 bordering orgasmic and enter 2011 perfectly satisfied.Leave your wallets at home boys and Girls while F.A.C.E. Shows You how we do ALL INCLUSIVE! Come and taste the juicy flavors at one of our TWO premium bars.
One which will boast special Starburst inspired mixed drinks all night. and of course, F.A.C.E.’s one of a kind Starburst Shots…

Everyone deserves a break, so help yourself to something from our Mid-night buffet and satisfy your sweet tooth with something sinful from out 5-star dessert table. Rum cake, chocolate cake, cheese cake, Christmas pudding just to name a few!

We have already sold a lot of our tickets at the discounted price and we are happy to say that we will have a nice blend of both boys and girls (and even those in between).  we are busy doing everything we can to cater to all guest.  We have also taken the advice of many of our patrons from last year and have made major changes. We are really looking forward to making sure all our guest have the best possible time!

We are confident that we are offering the most cost efficient way to party this NYE, for tickets being sold as Low as 2500 for an Ultra all Inclusive, we are sure to be a The best Deal in Town for the Children of the Rainbow.  Remember though, This is an invitation Only event. There are Only Limited Tickets left available, and there will Be NO Tickets available at the gate!

We look forward to serving and seeing all our invited guest there!

Dress Code


Which DJ will be playing at your party?

D.J. Dwight

Hugs and Kisses!
– Fierce “Lady Chesterville” Lindo!


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