Eyes Wide Open!!


With only 12 days to go before 2011, it’s the time of year again when we all wind down to reflect on the year that has past! Its also at this time of year that we gather in Mandeville with some of our closest and dearest friends underneath the mistletoe drinking sorrel and eating fruit cake. We wrap presents to give to our loved ones and unwrap those from those that love us, and enjoy a nice meal with our families (that’s if we ever do those kind of stuff).

In our bright and rainbow coloured community the only thing that’s important to us during the Christmas season are the parties and lymes. Some of these soirees we anticipate from the beginning of November will entertain us during the Christmas Holidays and bring us into the New Year to come.

This year we at PINK!! We see a few promising promoters/parties that we have to highlight and hope will deliver this year’s entertainment. Unfortunately excluded from this years list is veteran party promoters We Welcome Fierceness who have indicated that they will not be bringing their usual high octane event.

Anticipated Parties….

Last year SANKOFA Events destroyed Temple Mount with Santa’s List: Naughty or Nice, and gave us the best Christmas night entertainment of 2009. The crowd was an eclectic mix of persons from diverse backgrounds that was representative of all colours of the rainbow. This year’s event will be hosted at the Loft, Kingston’s newest and only dedicated gay venue. The venue has been slightly upgraded since the first Strip Party and the acoustics remain excellent. Point is expect music loud enough to revive the dead.

Fierce & Company:
Last year’s new comers Fierce & Co. brought to us the most ultra-exclusive New Years Eve party to end the year. Numbered on their guest list was every member of the A List Gliteratti, not just those on the Top 10! Indeed many felt they had arrived by simply being on the guest list. Whilst the event lacked excitement and was a little too economical for an exclusive affair, it nonetheless was a decent start for this young outfit. With that in mind we look forward to the improvements in this years stagging dubbed Starbursts, as we wait to hear about the location and who the DJ will be!

Flight of Fantasy

Fine heading to Ocho Rios at this time of year does not appeal to everyone’s palate and it can be down right dangerous given the state of the roads and the proclivity for alcohol induced accidents. Having said that, Circle has endorsed it and it is their reputations on the line. For those of us in our mid to late Twenties, Circle is a group that defined the early 21st Century. This was the IT group for those in college and university during the period after the year 2000 and came to signify sexy with a capital S. This party will determine whether they (Circle) are a fine Merlot or Vinegar!

With Sadness….

We Welcome Fierceness: Every year We Welcome Fierceness has provided us with their annual New Year’s Eve/Day celebration party, unfortunately for reasons only known to them they have decided to exclude themselves from this year’s celebrations. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Considering that it is one of the most anticipated party of the year.

Patrons not making the guest list or not able to afford the price tag for the Fierce and Company event need not worry though. The Loft along with some partners will be opening the Village for one night only.

The Pink Reindeer

Coming attractions

  1. The Poll Results
  2. The A List (Women)
  3. The final 5: The A List



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