The A List! Where do you fall?


With December comes a lot of lymes, parties and other social engagements. Of course this means a lot of preening, snobbery and flatulence posing as Tastee Patties. Indeed this is the time of year when not being seen can be viewed as either a loud economic or social statement!

Yet this is also the time of year when the stars of the constellation descend on Bethlehem. In this regard we bring to you the top 10 A listors of the class of 2010!

What readers will note is that due to some ties, the list contains more than 10 names. Additionally it is not representative of the whole island and is not a Hot List. As it regards the latter, the consequence is that social profile, although not specific to the LGBT scene, plays the greatest role in determining who is on or not!

The List

10. Candy & Ashley:– Now you will not see these ladies on the invitation list to any of the Council Lymes or any other super UPT fests, however, the pair are Divas through and through. For all of 2010, they have graced the party scene with their expensive fashion sense and taste as well as their infectious, charismatic personalities. It is because of them and their high profile why many persons now understand the difference between a tranny and a drag queen!

9. The Cabinet Secretary:– as head homosexual this gentleman has been a warrior for the rights of member of the community. Given as we are to slavishly trying to fit in with mainstream society, his job is one of the most lonely and isolating that exists. However, we tip our hats off to him for daring to fight the good fight if alone.

8. Viscount Weedy:- This senior ranking member of the society is known for his love of sport (Tennis and football), quick wit yet unbearable lack of humour or is it dark humour? Easily one of the most intelligent, yet understated minds around that understands the value of the stupid question! Don’t be fooled by his pretence at being above it all, there is a whole lot of freak inside!

7. Lord Poodle:- This gentleman is easily one of the hottest men at the bar, not just this year but for some time now. He is not as unapproachable as some people may think and is actually one that is always ready to listen and dispense good advice. Those misunderstanding him may feel that he is a real live version of Mrs. Bucket but no he is not keeping up appearances, but rather it is a case whereby he is sticking to his well defined moral and ethics code.

6. The Altar Boy: We have to rethink the name for this one, for he is neither still kneeling at an altar nor is he still a boy! His level headedness has made us realise his is not a case of forced-ripe that so bedevils many of the under 23. Indeed his is a remarkable case of maturity and grace. Yup he is definately the epitome of beauty with a purpose.


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