J-FLAG reacts to murder of Transgendered Sex Worker


Kingston — December 4, 2010

In a press release the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) has indicated its sadness on the recent murder of a transgendered sex worker.

The press release notes that “this unfortunate event highlights the serious safety and security challenge that confronts the LGBT community in Jamaica, as well as those who engage in sex work. While the reason behind his death is not yet known, allegations are that his life had been under threat for some time. J-FLAG condemns the rampant breach of rights meted out to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Jamaicans, who are often denied their human rights to life, privacy, respect and dignity because of stigma, discrimination and violence”.

Official reports indicate that the body was found with stab wounds behind the National Solid Life and General Insurance Branch Limited on Half-Way-Tree Road in St Andrew on Friday, November 3, 2010.

Recognizing the fear that murders and acts of violence against members of the LGBT community are not thoroughly investigated by the Police Force, the press release encourages the security forces to thoroughly investigate this case so as to ensure that justice is served. It further calls upon the Jamaican parliament to demonstrate leadership and publicly condemn violence against all people regardless of their sexual orientation.

Recognition of the rights of transgendered persons is a gray area under Jamaican Law and members of this sub-community are often marginalized even by the wider gay community.


3 thoughts on “J-FLAG reacts to murder of Transgendered Sex Worker

  1. Thank you JFLAG for this wonderfully written press release. I think what we, members of the homosexual community and JFLAG need to ask ourselves, is what can we do, in addition to beautifully written press releases, to help those common “battyman” dem and the most vulnerable amongst us from meeting such fate and the support we can lend to their family and those who remain.

    Have we yet organised any session to counsel with those who are similarly engaged as Charms was? Can our party promoters use their events as an opportunity for urging to and reminding our sisters and brother of how they can reduce their vulnerability (not just to HIV and AIDS) to instances like that one? Can we even at least, out of the myriad parties held each year, dedicate 2 as fund raisers for our homeless brothers and sisters who seem to be most vulnerable to such acts of violence? No one group is responsible and no one suggestion is the salvation of our community. It has to be a collective effort. Will pink put up a donate button that will receive part funding for such programmes? Or is advocacy all about a talk shop and awareness these days? Adovcates and Activists, let us use this rather unfortunate circumstance to spur us on to good works.

    Rest Well Charms!

    Peace and Love!

  2. Here is what I am saying, I hate the fact that JLFLAGs’ name is only mentioned when its too late. The public(the gay public in question)needs to see the actions that they are being taken when its in the early stages and not when it is late.

    We dont want to see them making a statement when the guys have been killed, or the house has been firebombed, or when they have been beaten. Be the lawyer to the victim is what I am saying, let your presence be felt when there is a march, let your presence be felt when you sign a paper that shows that something good is happening. We don’t want to see your name only when the bad is printed

    Now dont get me wrong, it is the sole responsibility of EVERY INDIVIDUAL to protect themselves and not depend on an organization to do it, however, if your going to do something about it or if you were doing something about it, i think the public should see and feel your presence during the good and not only see and hear from you when it is bad.

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