Aiming for Lofty Highs!


Santa's List-

If there was any doubt in any one’s mind, the cold front now affecting the island should indicate that the Christmas/ New Year’s season is finally here! For socialites and ordinary persons both inside the Rainbow Community and outside, this is the busiest time for calendars, diaries and even Blackberries. This is due to the numerous social engagements ranging from parties to lymes, corporate shin digs to state functions and of course the odd charity or social club function.

This Christmas/New Year’s season has found us here in Rainbowland still searching like Jews for a safe; reliable; available; aesthetically appealing and accessible location. In this regard, the Loft has been positioning it self as a possible contender.

The Loft has serious potential to graduate and become Kingston’s 21st century answer to the clubs of the 90s. However, it requires serious investment and work. In particular, attention should be called to the rather Spartan and drab looking walls, the inconvenient conveniences; a boring looking bar area and of course a floor that requires matting to ensure no one is too badly hurt from an unfortunate dancing accident. With that said, the investors/owners should be congratulated for smart and strategic investment in the location because what the Loft lacks in aesthetics it makes up with a tantalisingly good sound system and an efficient cooling mechanism. In deed the location should be seen as a work in progress, a construction site of sorts that over time will get better. Further, the club’s midtown location makes it easily accessible and is of an adequate size.

Social Commentary

The Loft as it currently stands, has a solidly DTW vibe and will readily appeal to the Thugs, the Sweepstakes and their allies. However, DTW is not a synonym for unsafe but can be seen as similar in meaning to exciting and energetic. The benefit of The Loft for the Kingston based party regulars is that they no longer need to travel all the way to the Trelawny-St. Ann border to have a good time.

For persons without a friend’s place to hang; a regular Lyme locale or just tired of the same o same o! The Loft has the potential to provide a safe place for a range of social activities from Movie to Game Nights, from clubbing to Strip Shows.

The Strip Show

As it regards the show, we will not speak about the festivities at last evening’s activities, except to say what happens at Caesar’s or Palais Royal stays there. Enough said!



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