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2 thoughts on “What’s on your mind?

  1. I say yes but with caution, back in the day we used to have the occasional straight attendance as patrons though small in numbers up to the days of “Kirk’s” I distinctly recall a couple that used to attend regularly enough and they blended in perfectly but I think the major turn off were the fights and raucous behaviour by some of our own and fellas hitting on the man but then again he was attractive to look at anyway. He wasn’t rude in brushing away the approaches until the regulars got used to them.

    There used to be some thug types as well who were friends of a past DJ on the circuit who used to attend a party or two as well who eventually swallowed their pride and reservations and even became friends with yours truly and a few others even till today I am in contact with one of them (not sexual) proving we can make gay/str8 alliances from just plain respectful friendships. They avoided the more “real kidz” on the circuit as is expected, effemophobia is a whole part of the homo-negativity affecting us and their fear of being pin pointed in public by one of the children.

    Another past DJ whose female partner was well aware of his bisexuality and was quite tolerant even attending events but were very reserved and spoke to close friends of his who he introduced to her, moi included. Then there is the exposure to logistical staff of events who are hired by party promoters who have lasting presence on the scene and friendships too for e.g a certain sound system operator who is very comfortable at circuit events and even finds some of the antics of the kidz funny, often commenting on them after a gig while openly expressing tolerance.

    Maybe for the bigger picture of tolerance it would work to show that we are not all a closed community despite the crap from the mainstream.


  2. I agree with H. While it is important to have our own safe spaces, it is also important for our own maturation and development as a community to have some spaces that are open to TOLERANT people who do not identify as lgbt. I think this would be an important step in breaking down walls and barriers and in allowing us to further the conversations we have been having with the Jamaican society since the end of the 1990s.


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