Rudolph Gschloessl

In a surprising twist to the case of the fate of Café Aubergine owner Rudolph Gschloessl, Senior Resident Magistrate Pusey (of Cuban Light bulb fame) has sent the case over to the Coroner’s court. This is owing to the fact that, the post mortem conducted on the body of Mr. Gschloessl indicates that death was caused by asphyxiation from self inflicted wounds to the throat.

Forensic evidence collected at the scene of the crime does not place the infamous Gay Lodger in the vicinity of the body and seemingly confirms the accused version of the events last November. In sending the matter over to the Coroner’s Court, the formerly accused will be sent as a witness to the suicide!

Questions surrounding police procedure in the handling of the case have been raised as well as the method of Café Aubergine’s termination of the

Cafe Aubergine

formerly accused employ will be scrutizined to ensure conformity with established provisions. Questions will also be raised about the veracity of the suicide conclusion of the Post Mortem results.

In November of last year The Star Newspaper noted that: “The police have charged one man in connection with the murder of Café Aubergine owner, Rudolph Gschloessl.

Gschloessl, who was part-owner and operator of the popular French/Italian restaurant, was killed at his Mona home on October 25. The man charged in relation to his death has been identified as (The Gay Lodger), a 24-year-old administrative assistant who worked at the restaurant and also lived at the same premises as Gschloessl.


Although initial police reports say that an occupant of the house heard screams and checked to find Gschloessl dead, the police say thorough investigations and questioning of the accused revealed that was not the case.

Investigators say that though Gschloessl’s throat was slashed, he managed to call his private security company and tell them that an intruder had entered and attacked him. They say, however, that investigations revealed that there was no forced entry.

The accused was questioned and was officially charged last Saturday.

Café Aubergine has been a fixture on Jamaica’s culinary landscape for 10 years and specialises in French and Italian cuisine with Jamaican touches. The establishment was run by Gschloessl and a business partner.”



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