Pegasus Bows: J-Flag issues letter


Entrance to the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

Dear Colleague:

Today(November 25, 2010)  J-FLAG was invited to a meeting with the General Manager, Hotel Manager and the Director of Sales and Marketing of The Jamaica Pegasus. This meeting was called in response to the issue of J-FLAG being denied the rental of meeting space on November 18.

In sifting through the issues, Eldon Bremmer, the General Manger stated that the reservation had in fact come to his attention and that he knew that access was being denied. He also stated that the decision was based on an unfortunate experience from a private party with members of the community.

The Management admitted that they handled the situation badly and recognised that a different approach was needed to address any concerns they had. There was an error in judgment and action but this was not out of any mal-intent. They are committed to facilitating engagement with J-FLAG and have agreed on some ways forward. It was underscored by the management that J-FLAG would not in the future be prevented from booking the facilities.

The General Manager has promised to respond to us in writing, copying the partners indicated in our correspondence. We look forward to receiving same and sharing this with you if you do not receive it directly.

Dane Lewis
Executive Director
Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All-Sexuals and Gays – J-FLAG
Tel/ Fax: (876)978-8988

Please click here for copy of J-FLAG letter: Jamaica Pegasus_Discrimination_November 2010annex 1_Jamaica Pegasus_Nov2010


5 thoughts on “Pegasus Bows: J-Flag issues letter

  1. ..have to admit that I don’t like the title…a bit undignified and petty…the Pegasus has done the decent and honorable thing in attempting to right this wrong and that deserves better than: ‘Pegasus bows…’

    • I am actually reviewing it…and having posted it and read it, I quite agree…the original title was Pegasus Backs Down and I think that would have been more in keeping with the cordiality of the moment..

      My apologies

  2. There are more important matters that need attention than to be worried about Pegasus. Kgn has other places for meeting space.

    Interesting the zeal on this one what about other inter/intra community matters? long overdue action is needed!!

    Why are you apologizing Pink Admin? it’s how you see it, that’s the title that suits you then so be it …. it’s your space, stand by it.

    Screw political correctness it’s precisely that, that has held us back, I have no time to impress people anymore we have to shift how we do things the “soft touch days are over”

    Speak your mind as you see fit. Come harder PinkReport it’s needed please do not become a rubber stamp as you are widely read, you better believe it.

    Peace and tolerance

    • I agree with you to an extent glbtqja. While political correctness has held us back in certain spheres, the lack of diplomacy has managed to do same. It has made others more antagonistiic because they feel the need to go on the defensive.

      Perhaps, “Pegasus Bows” is not as negative as it may appear on surface. The Heading seems a lot more analytical of the circumstances surrounding Pegasus’ change of heart. Therefore, I appreciate the nuances of the Heading as is. It is no secret of the applied pressure on Pegasus by JFLAG and its allies. The prospects of negative press will oil the wheels of cordiality (albeit forced). Furthermore the metaphor of bowing (in the case of at the end of a performance) suggests graciousness but this is not a thesis or paper/reading in literatures. I, too, believe that diplomacy can be the enemy of progress sometimes yet that does not and should abolish diplomacy/political correctness. Hope we are able to find the right balance.

      Good going, PINK.

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