Letter of the Day: Opportunity Missed-Esther Tyson


The Editor Sir;

I read with careful scrutiny, regarding the article entitled “What of the transportation centre?” published in yesterday’s (Sunday) Gleaner. So I am going to eagerly respone and say “Nothing”, other than the fact that it is a wonderful structure and could have not make Half Way Tree any worst than it is today.

My issue with the article is not only that she (Esther Tyson) made out the Transportation Centre to be the cause of such antisocial behaviour dispayed by our students,


Aerial View of the Half-Way Tree Transport Center


it is the opportunity missed to demand a more stringent response from the school community to tackle the problem. Infact, as the principal of a such a prestigious institution,  I am very alarmed with a statement she made and I quote: It cannot be that the schools are expected to turn around the maladaptive behaviours of our youth. That solution is ineffective and cannot work; end of quote.

I am not expecting the schools alone to tackle this “monster of anti socialism” as Esther described it, but what I would have wanted to hear is how the  schools can play a greater role in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, and the Police to stem the practice.

We must realise that students spend atleast seven hours together each day for five days; in an environment that is filled with different feelings, emotions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Now this is where the schools have the greatest opportunity to modify behavoiur throught observation, practice and experience. If Esther accepts the fact that schools cannot change such maladaptive behaviours, then the very existence of schools in a society such as ours serves no purpose.

I reverberate. Schools must play a  greater role in tackling the indecent behaviours diplayed by our students in and around kingston. And I mean from peer counselors to principals-we have to be more vigilant in saving our future leaders from a moral breakdown. Because if the schools fails to do so, oh god help us, because society won’t.

Sincerly yours

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