Girls Love Zone: How to make oral sex more enjoyable

Over the past month we told the guys how to get better acquainted with their anus, now it is the time for the ladies. Today we look at oral sex!
Ladies spend some time and get your lover excited before making the plunge. Tease her whole body before you head south. When having oral sex with your lover, it’s not all about her clitoris. Let your mouth and tongue explore her whole labia, clitoris and vagina.

Slowly lick up her thighs and kiss her vulva. Spread her legs and open her lips with your fingers. Take a look. Tell her how beautiful she looks.

Use your tongue. Your whole tongue. Flatten it out. Use just the tip. Lick her like an ice cream cone. Flick it like a butterfly wings. Use gentle strokes. As her excitement builds, add more pressure. Focus more on the area around her clit.

How to tell if she likes it With your head smashed between her thighs, it may be hard to see what her response is. Feel for the clues. If she raises her hips to meet your lips, that is good. If her vagina gets wet and her vulva swells, she’s getting aroused. If she starts moaning and trembling, keep doing what you’re doing. Rapid breathing and writhing around are good things. If she grabs your hair and pushes you in for more, things are definitely going well.

Take her clitoris in your mouth. Suck gently. Release. Gentle flicking can send her over the edge.

Use your hands. Place your hands under her butt and gently lift her towards your mouth. Reach up and stroke her nipples. Put a finger in her vagina or her anus.[Note: DO NOT go from her anus to her vagina–you can spread unwanted bacteria.]

Rhythm is the key. Tune in to her responses. All women are different. Have her tell you what she likes and wants more of. Some women love having their clits stroked, others are too sensitive. What turned her on one day, may not work the next. Some love a finger or two or three inside them, others do not. Some women love the feel of a finger in their anus, others jump to the ceiling with a screech.

Communication is necessary for great sex. If you’re new to this, or even if you’re not, talk to your partner. See what worked, what you might do differently and have fun perfecting your skills!

Don’t forget to brush up on Lesbian Safer Sex.

Pinky Dfox

Article taken from , Guide


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