Top 10 Things to Look For In A Modern Man (Part I)


Around this time each year community members are known to patronize our local gym establishments. These Centres of Excellence, fine tune and harden masculine bodies and churn out hotness like a Chinese factory. This Summer the production costs should stabilize at last year’s level given Spartan’s new Summer Special which should have the other Kingston gyms following and for Person’s resident in Portmore- Gym costs there average between J$3,000- J$3,500. For those looking something deeper than a Summer Fling here are the top ten things to look for in a Modern Man.

10. Wheels.

What can we say?  The man must have a ride and by this we mean he must own a car.  I don’t know about you, but the on time or city guide cab service definitely won’t cut it all the time. Moreover, the car serves purposes other than getting you to and from a destination. Wink wink

9. Essence.

The man must smell good.  How the guy smells is just as important as how he looks. Can you imagine being in bed with a guy who reminds you of O Di Toilet? Some people get kicks from that. Kudos to them! A man that has Estee Lauder Pleasures for Men, CKin2U, Diesel Fuel For Life, 212 by Carolina Herrera, Attitude by Armani is good to go!

8. Sobriety.

Ok boys, this one is a bit rough because I can barely find 5 guys who I know don’t drink.  However we must always keep Smirnoff’s popular slogan in mind: Drink responsibly. Alcohol in excess can have an adverse effect on one’s health as well as immediate effects on one’s personality and judgment. One drink too many can turn a seemingly happy occasion into a regrettable event. Trust me, we’ve seen it before.  So, if you do decide to party at Susie’s on a Monday night before 10 pm for their half off mojitos, invite enough people to share in the festivities.

7. Open-mindedness.

No one likes a Know-it- all, but even worse than that is a No- it all. If the man you are checking says no to nearly every idea or suggestion you have, chances are you really are just an accessory in the relationship. That is cool if you are in it just for the bling, (or if the guy is popular) the attention it brings you- but if you are looking a Long Term Relationship run very fast!!

6. BlackBerry-Friendly.

Don’t hate me for this one if you don’t have a BlackBerry permanently attached to your fingers. I am just merely stating the facts 😉 RIM’s line of BlackBerry smart phones along with their services is a godsend to the modern man. With its messenger service one can communicate freely with that special person/person of interest. Also, it allows you to save money on credit that can go back into paying for a dinner at Fridays or East Japanese. A man with a BlackBerry is a man indeed.


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