Since the first article appeared on the 4th of January, PINK has tentatively touched the frigid and icy cold waters of social commentary. In attempting to maintain the veil of privacy, we have developed monikers for persons, some of which (the monikers) are thoroughly aristocratic in origin. Some persons have commented that the effect of this “monikerization” has created a peerage and consequently a social hierarchy. There may be some truth to such comments, except to say that to accuse PINK of creating a social hierarchy flatters the importance and the norm creating ability of the blog beyond all conscionable reality. Yet having recognized that there is a hierarchy we must ask ourselves whether this aristocracy is a Fabocracy or a Bhutocracy?

Now the line in the sand that separates a Fabocrat from a Bhutocrat is the willingness to leverage ones considerable academic, social and economic resources to aid the less fortunate. In other words, the Fabocrat cultivates and extols the highest virtues of social responsibility whilst the Bhutocrat prides him/herself on their exclusivity and ability to acquire material possessions. As a consequence the challenge that confronts the young and mature professionals that support the Red Door Marquee, the young, beautiful but Baroque supporters of Fierce and Company, the Bohemian and chic friends of Halo, or even the elder statesmen Attorneys of the Privy Council, is to transform themselves from seeming self-obsession and self-inflation towards cultural awareness and community development.

It would be a good start for those who identify themselves as UPT and MTW to get involved in the work of the NGOs, to strengthen their capacities in an effort to aid them deliver vital social services to our marginalized and maligned community members. Now let us be clear when we say get involved, by no stretch of the imagination do we mean take over and force these entities to become mere appendages to our names. Rather, the object of this exercise is to develop maturity and social conscience. In this regard we must applaud the work of Rainbowland’s newest Ambassador to the United Nations His Excellency Lieutenant Charlton. The Ambassador over 2009 developed a social intervention programme targeting Young MSMs to assess their risk profile and equip and empower them with tools that it is expected will ultimately aid them to make informed choices as it affects their sexual health.

However, the award of Jamaica’s Sexiest Man Alive (2009) goes to the triumvirate of the Duchess von Ensom (yes we have exercised the Royal prerogative to upgrade her title), Lady Patra of Acadia and Lady Poison Ivey for the work they have undertaken over 2009 in developing Pride in Action. This NGO is engineered towards developing a safe meeting place for community members studying in our nation’s tertiary institutions and currently has chapters in Kingston, Mandeville and Brown’s Town. What is interesting about this triumvirate is the fact that they are all under 30, socialites albeit not endowed with economic wealth, young professionals climbing the career ladder but still find time to put their technical and academic skill sets towards serving young community members.



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