Sankofa’s Good Good Party


The paint of Beach J’ouvert paled in comparison to the excitement that unfolded on Sankofa’s private beach in St. Thomas. To be frank, this was a party that made Ghetto Fabulous fashionable and as one Sweepstakes member stated it was one “GOOD GOOD” Party.

The food was excellent, the liquor adequate, the lights show and bonfire mood setting. The music was a bit touch and go, and it was clear that the best was left for the last half hour of the event. However, the vibe of the event was the most relaxing and entertaining that we have seen yet. In fact not since the days of the JAS Lyme has an event come along that just captures fun like this one did. In fact Pink is anxiously looking forward to the next Sankofa Beach party.

Here at Pink we must tip our hats off to the Management and Board of the House of Sankofa for daring to be innovative, which is refreshing given that some party planners seem to think that throwing a party is divorced from having a concept. In fact, it is important at this juncture to highlight why we here at PINK love Sankofa, the Red Door Marquee and Halo so much. These are three distinctively different brands that cater to two distinctively different crowds but they spend time understanding their respective markets. Quite frankly, Sankofa is conspicuously aware that their fan base consists of; the thugs, the cross dressers, and the open minded UPT personalities with no spinal cord deficiencies. Importantly,however, this production house is not afraid to develop a product that is targeted for that group. In fact Sankofa seems proud of the fact that it is as Ghetto a brand as Louis Vuitton or Gucci and is not ashamed to flaunt it.

Yet whilst we did enjoy the party, there were several technical difficulties that occurred which prevents Pink from giving this event a star rating. In the first instance, the portable bathroom facility was located at the top of a hill whilst the party was at the foot of the hill on the beach. As a consequence woe be unto to whom that may need to make a quick dash to the bathroom. Secondly, even in daylight walking up and down the hill from the car park to the venue would pose challenges to even the most tested and seasoned donkey as the rocks were loose and the angle of descent more like a horror movie. Thus, it would have been considerate of the management to ensure that lanterns be installed along the pathway to guide persons during the night.

Sankofa should note that for the future, if one is planning a beach party in addition to security life guards must be stationed to monitor the day’s proceedings for obvious reasons. Further, since it is that the Sweepstakes and the Cross dressers are the core target group a demarcated dance area complete with props such as a stripper pole should be created so that they can perform their acrobatics in safety and comfort.

The last major technical flaw was the absence of a condom distribution center. The fact is that this party was billed to provide skinny dipping etc. and as such the promoters should have expected that any number could play. What made it more disheartening is the fact that the lead personality of Sankofa worked for years with a NGO in the field of HIV/AIDS awareness and the former Executive Director of the Jamaica AIDS Support was also apart of the management of the fete’s staging.

In the final analysis even with the technical flaws, this event was a huge success and we beg the House of Sankofa to not dear loose your Ghetto FABOLOUSNESS!!



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