For the past couple of years, Beach J’ouvert has become somewhat of a Mecca for community members, requiring a Hajj from Kingston, Portmore, Montego Bay, Mandeville or wherever on the map one resides to the James Bond Beach in Oracabessa, St.Mary. This year was no different and except for a disappointing and underwhelming performance by Fay-Ann Lyons Beach J’ouvert lived up to the hype and expectations of those in attendance. In fact the one major disappointment about this fete is that it failed to exceed those expectations and indeed did not improve upon last year’s staging.

From a purely analytic perspective, it was interesting watching the apparent herd complex of community members in attendance as we colonized the Western Quarter of the venue near the entrance/exit. It was as if there was a collective decision that this was the most strategic location to be in case the need may arise to beat a hasty retreat, plus it provided a vantage point to watch the parade of beauties as they entered the venue. Interestingly enough, except for a few personalities, it seemed as if the beauties upon entering simply planted roots in the Western Quarter.

Whilst there was no shortage of official and good entertainment at the venue, The Ouch Krew consisting of the partner of The Security Guard, Rude Bwoy et al showed us that the ability to dance was not limited to the Orange Kat. However, again Mini-Me and the Mad House Krew have copped our style awards as their coordinated football socks and denim shorts gear illustrates that even when dressed for a paint job one can still look good.

The Hot List

PINK is happy to report that for 9 out of 10 persons featured in the hot list, Beach J’ouvert proved the accuracy of the rankings, for even those that were not there. However, one criticism that we feel compelled to issue a statement on is that, the list completely under represents if not ignores non-black individuals. This criticism is particularly interesting, given that within the social context that is Jamaica, notions of beauty are particularly anti-black and worse anti-dark skinned. Admittedly, there was no deliberate attempt on our part to foist on our readers notions of Black beauty and Black empowerment. However, PINK is not afraid to admit that Black is indeed beautiful, in fact just take one good look at the Altar boy or even the Vicar!



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