Over the past couple of weeks, reports have surfaced indicating that a Facebook group was created, the sole purpose of which was, to malign and assault the Princess of Barbican. This group not only spelt out the full name of Lady Chesterville but also gave the address of her Royal Manor. Whilst, this minor security breach did send the terror threat levels racing to their highest levels, quick action by the community’s Facebook neighbourhood watch contained and neutralized the problem.

Here at PINK, we will not join in the speculation as to whom the burden of responsibility for such an act falls or the probable sexual orientation of said individual. However, if the allegation that the creator of the Facebook page is a member of the community has even a modicum of substance to it, then the time has come for us to take an assessment about how we treat each other.

Let us be clear, PINK is not of the opinion that we all should be or can be friends. Indeed, that would be trying to hold the community to a higher standard, than even the Glee Club. However, we all have a responsibility to each other, irrespective of gender, social background or crew of friends that we hang out with. The responsibility which we speak of, is to protect and maintain the veil of privacy covering the sexual orientation of fellow community members. This is especially important in cases where we believe that this veil is made of sheer!!

Let us not for a moment forget that our community has many detractors and enemies. Yet more importantly, we must instinctively resist and fight the urge to become Judas Iscariot and sell out our fellow community members for pieces of silver. The enemy within is truly stronger than the enemy at the gates.

Now whereas 132 Facebook members did respond in a timely manner to protect a member of the community

And whereas this group did so instinctively and without thought of gain and notoriety

Be it therefore declared that I as the Lord Chamberlain, Keeper of the Great Seal of Rainbowland and First Secretary of the Records General Department, in the absence of Her Most Serene Majesty, the Queen. Do bestow the Cross of St. Josephs of the ASHES on these the members of the Neighbourhood Watch. The Cross of St. Josephs is only bestowed on members and friends of the community that through their actions and deeds represent the highest order of camaraderie, respect and basic goodwill towards citizens of Rainbowland (including of course dual citizens and returning residents).



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